15 Corporate Gift Ideas for Singapore Clients

It is very important to win the hearts of your clients. This is why, from time to time, companies need to give back by offering them little incentives through giving out business corporate gifts premium.
Before you conceptualize your giveaways, you might want to consider this list of the top 15 corporate gifts premiums you can give out to your valued clients.

  1. Universal Serial bus (USB) – USBs are now a necessity more than a luxury for a lot of people. Prices of USBs differ depending on the device’s storage size. They range from 1 gigabyte to more than 64 gigabytes.
  2. Desk organizers – Most working people appreciate desk organizers because they are extremely useful. For gifts, choose desk organizers that are unique in design for added appeal.
  3. Pens – Pens may be a little cliché as a gift idea, but they are really a good present because they are an important office supply. Try to be creative in giving out pens as a business corporate gift. You can have it customized to add personal flair.
  4. Tote Bags – If you have no time choosing your giveaway, you can opt to give bags. They come in different shapes and sizes although small ones are preferred by most people.
  5. Tumblers – For giveaways, consider choosing tumblers with rubber grips so that they are easy to hold. You can also have them customized as well.
  6. Power banks – Power banks work as a spare battery for gadgets. Most people nowadays own gadgets such as smart phones so Power banks can be a great gift for them.
  7. Planners and organizers – Planners and organizers are perfect for busy people. Consider handing our planners especially during the start of the year.
  8. Duffel bags – For on the go people, duffel bags are perfect. They can be used for travels and other activities.
  9. Loot bags – Gift bags or loot bags is a collection of various items or sample products. If you’re having difficulty in choosing a perfect single item, maybe a loot bag will work.
  10. Gadget bags – Gadget bags or containers are very useful in securing your gadgets and devices.
  11. Notebooks and notepads – Notebooks and notepads, just like pens, are also common gift ideas, but still they are extremely useful for people who attend meetings.
  12. Lanyards – This personal accessory is a cute gift idea for your client. You can have it personalized and put the name of your client for more personal flair.
  13. Calling card organizers – This one is not that popular but your clients will definitely appreciate an organizer for their cards.
  14. Bag tags – A personal bag tag is a wonderful gift idea for people who love to travel.
  15. Gadget accessories – Accessories such as earphones, gadget covers, and the likes are good for people who are techie and gadget-savvy.

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