Why Choose Wood for Your Interior Design Redecorating

A touch of quirk and personality makes a home fun and beautiful. Complement earth tones with décor made of bamboo and wood, this will give a harmonious color scheme, and will instantly make your home looking and feeling new.   Ross Cassidy once said “I don’t think people have enough fun decorating. It doesn’t always […]

Interior Design Psychology

Have you ever wonder why the food tastes a lot better in restaurants? Coffee smells a lot richer in those fancy cafes? Have you given any thoughts what brand or secret ingredients they put in? Let me share you the secret. A M B I A N C E !!! Ambiance is that special atmosphere […]

What Makes ERA Singapore Different from Other Property Agencies?

What distinguishes ERA Singapore from other property agencies in Singapore is the fact it has established itself as an industry leader through all the accomplishments, awards and milestones it has done and achieved for the past 30 years.   Here are several distinctive traits ERA Singapore has that separates it from the rest: It was […]