3 Important Things To Have a Perfect Wedding this 2016

Planning for the wedding is not an easy task. Some couples need years to get ready for it. With a long list of to-dos, couples tend to overlooked for other things which is also essential. Every person wants their big day to be perfect, and forgetting some elements might ruin it. To help you out, we listed below the three other important things you needed to have a perfect wedding ceremony.

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Photography and videography

From pre-nuptial to reception, wedding photography in Singapore is one of the important things you should splurge and think about carefully. Wedding photographer will be the one who will make the event last for a lifetime. They will be the one who will document your big day. Some couples tend to save money by not hiring video photographer but most of them regret their decision. Everyone can take photos during your wedding, but people who take wedding photography in Singapore are professionals, who has the high-tech equipment that produces high quality photos.

If you have an additional budget, find wedding videographer in Singapore that will also document your wedding day. Photos are good, but having an additional memorabilia which is the video, is greater idea. With having your wedding video, you can play it anytime you want and reminisce every single moment that happened during the big day. You can see how cute are your ring bearers and flower girls as they walked down the aisle, or how your parents and friends cry while you recite your wedding vows, and how happy your groom is as he is waiting for you at the front of the altar. Each moment during the wedding and even in the reception is worth filming so you have to find wedding videographer in Singapore that will give you a product that is worth your every cent.


Venue is another important thing to decide about for the wedding. Most traditional weddings happen inside a church, but couples nowadays wanted to explore and have other venue for to tie their knot. There are weddings that happen in beach, museum, or inside the house. Remember that the choice is yours and you can choose a place that will make the ceremony more memorable. Maybe where you and your husband-to-be met for the first time, or somewhere you always go to for a date. Just make sure that it is accessible for your guests so they do not have a hard time attending your wedding.

Aside from choosing the venue, couples have to think of what decoration they wanted for the place. Even if you have wedding organizer, they still need your suggestions and opinions regarding this matter. Ensure that your decorations will complement with your chosen wedding theme. If you chose travel-themed wedding, have small airplanes hang from the ceiling or small clouds. The color motif should also be seen in the venue that you can incorporate on the decorations down the aisle.


Another place where wedding guests are excited about is the reception. It is where they can have a conversation with everyone and interact with them. Plus, it is where they can eat everything they want. When choosing for the reception, make sure it is close to the wedding venue so the guests would not have a hard time going there. Do not forget to decorate the reception area and show your creativity. Have a surprising décor like a hot air balloon hanging around the reception area, which is perfect for travel-themed wedding. Just make sure that every décor is properly placed around the area and you do not decorate too much.

For the seating, be more inventive. People are used to having traditional reception seating where guests are divided into different tables. If you want your wedding to be memorable, lay out long banquet-style tables topped with gorgeous flower arrangements. This will make the conversation between the guests easier and fun. Another thing to consider, which is the most important is serving delicious meals. Make sure your guests will only taste food that will be memorable for them. It is better if they have enough choices of meat because some of them might not allowed to eat some meals. For the dessert, instead of offering only your wedding cake, have brownies or cookies, which will be enjoyed of any age.


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