3 Main Importance of Giving Customized Corporate Gifts here in Singapore

custom gift singapore

“It’s better to give that to receive” a simple saying that might sound a bit old and common but very relevant not only in our personal social interactions but also in the corporate world. To start this off, let me identify what is a corporate gift just in case some people didn’t know. Here in Singapore, we consider promotional corporate gifts as anything from a simple notebook and plain canvas tote bags to some custom made drawstring bags and coffee mugs  that has your company’s or brand’s identity in it. But why is it so important nowadays in the business world? To cut the story short, here I have listed the 3 main importance of giving customized corporate gifts that I, myself had actually witnessed in Singapore.

Helps you develop and build stronger professional relationship

  • Well, it is a common knowledge that everybody really loves receiving gifts. It makes them feel special and makes them feel that we constantly think about them. Gifts also make people feel valued especially if the gifts are tailored to their liking. By doing this, it helps your business become more favorable to customer and also to your employees if you would give them too. They would like to work more with you because people works more with the person they want and that is our human nature. So if you’ll work your way on making your customers like you, then you are already one step ahead on the business game.

Corporate gifts helps you boost your brand and stay top in mind

  • Giving your customer an item that has your identity in it, will obviously sky rocket you chance of being noticed. Some even say that 87% of people keep the corporate gifts that they found useful for more than 12 months. Imagine how much exposure you can get without spending too much money from just giving your client a simple personalized item. So now, I suggest that you should start thinking about getting a customized corporate gift in Singapore that sits on your clients’ table or anything that could be visible to them each day for a maximum exposure.

Gives more positive perception about your brand and business

  • Imagine someone giving you a gift. When you receive a gift, your mind immediately creates a positive impression towards that person. Same thing happens in the corporate world. This is because the idea of giving is associated with goodwill. But to be more subtle about your business intentions, it would help if you focus more on the recipient and not in your industry. Consider giving gifts that are unique, personal or practical. Example is if your business is an automotive company, you should not send them car parts as a gift just because it has your company’s identity in it. Instead do a bit of research about what they like to help you have an idea about what kind of gift would fit them. If you discovered that they are a triathlon athlete in Singapore, then, it would be nice to give them a customized water bottle that they can surely use in their activities. This will addto making them feel more special and wouldn’t look like you are pushing yourself to them.

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