4 Motivating Reasons Why You Should Be Fit

There are some people who think that being fit is just being thin and slim. However, science says that being fit is more than just having a slim figure. It means that your cardiovascular system is in perfect shape, your muscles are flexible and strong, and your muscle to fat ratio is playing around a healthy number. Hence, achieving a “fit” body offers loads of health benefits!

You do not really have to lift heavy weights and pound yourself doing routines. Jogging, walking, swimming, dancing, and riding a bicycle can be your other options. If you are still too lazy and you cannot lift your back off your bed, read on to find some fitspirations to motivate you to hit the gym, even at least twice a week!

  • You Lose Weight

A slice of blueberry cheesecake, one serving of pasta, pizza, and a small cup of ice cream—some of the guilty pleasures we find so hard to resist. Have you ever wondered how much calories you take in inside your system after eating a moderate serving of all these food we just mentioned? Hefty 3,500 calories! That amount of calories is equal to one pound of fat.

Here is a sadder news: doing indoor cardio for at least 45 minutes can only burn a good 400 calories. So if you have been binging on your favorite snacks, it is about time to start undoing all these accumulated calories now!

Another good-to-know: According to personal trainers in Singapore, exercising for 150 minutes a week helps you maintain your weight, and if you want to lose more weight, you have to go beyond that 150 minutes of workout.

  • Reduces High BP and Cholesterol Risks

Regular excercise keeps your cholesterol and blood pressure levels stable. If these two are kept in normal levels, you reduce your risks in developing heart diseases, Type 2 diabetes, and several kinds of cancer, including breast and colon cancer.

  • Enhances Your Mood

Do you notice frequent mood swings? Or are you feeling depressed for no reason and sleep the day away doing nothing productive for the day? You can check how you are doing with your fitness routines.

Regular exercise keeps your nervous system healthy, enhancing both your memory retention capability and your mood! Even a short sesh of cardio can boost the endorphins in your brain. In case you do not know yet, endorphins are natural opiate peptide chemicals that makes you feel happy (sometimes high) after a jog, a long walk, or a sweaty yoga class.

You may look for a reliable male or female fitness trainer in Singapore If you are up to change and want to keep your fitness game strong this year!

  • It Makes Your Strong!

Using resistance bands or weightlifting can help you achieve a physically fit and strong body. These routines can make your day-to-day activities so much easier because you grind your muscles during workout. However, doing it without proper knowledge and guidance can do you more harm than good. Hence, it is wiser to seek the help of a professional trainer. You can check a personal trainer’s rates here in Singapore before you register for a gym membership so you can choose whom you’ll be more comfortable with.

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