4 Tips to Deciding Which Business Corporate Gifts to Give Clients

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Deciding which gifts to send clients isn’t as easy as walking down a store and picking anything you’d like. You need to think through each gift you’re giving as your efforts can either make or break your brand.

The goal is to make recipients happy with your gesture and make them feel special. And if it’s about making someone feel special, you simply can’t settle for random gift items.

We’ve rounded up tips you may want to consider in deciding which corporate gifts to choose for your clients or customers.

  1. Ask yourself if you’d be happy to receive the gift. Do not give a gift you won’t appreciate yourself. Test the value of a gift with your own emotions or reaction. If you are handed that particular gift, would you feel the sincerity of the person? Would you be more than willing to keep the gift? If you’re proud to put your company name on the gift item, then that is most likely a great gift idea. If you’d rather not see your brand name printed on it, then don’t invest it in the first place.
  1. Think about function. As you look around for corporate gift ideas Singapore clients would love, consider your recipients and whether they would be able to make good use of the items. This will help your brand stay top of their mind and even to those people they are frequently around with. It would be good to match the gifts around the interests or background of the client. For instance, working professionals would be able to make use of tech-related gifts such as USB drives or power banks.
  1. Consider your budget. You don’t want to make your clients feel awkward. Avoid giving out overly pricey items. Think as though you’re taking out the client to a meal in a restaurant. Use the amount that is likely to spend for their meal as a guide in working out an ideal price range for the gifts. Also, you’d want to look into the quality of the gifts as you don’t want to pay high for a low quality item. As soon as you’ve decided on a budget for the gifts, it will be easier for you to trim down your list of choices. You can even discuss with the supplier the budget you’re working with along with your goals so they, on the other hand, could offer you the best possible package.
  1. Partner only with professional gift suppliers. There are several promotional gift suppliers in Singapore, and each one would be able to show you around wide range of products they offer. Make sure to partner with a trusted team so you can ensure premium quality gifts. Check out the roster of companies they’re working with so you can verify if they would be a good fit for you too.

For business corporate gifts, keep quality in mind as it will always beat quantity. You can send your clients as many gifts in a year but if they don’t see any worth in them, all your efforts would only go down the drain. You’d rather give a single gift that will create a lasting impact on them, and will help strengthen your relationships with each other.

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