5 Inexpensive Corporate Gift Ideas

It has been a tradition for businesses and companies to give corporate gifts to their employees and clients especially during the holidays. It is one of their ways to say thank you and show their gratitude for the hard work of their employees and support of their clients. If you own a business or company and you don’t have a lot of budget to spend in purchasing corporate gifts, you don’t have to worry because there are still a lot of items that you can choose to give, which are listed down below.

  1. Apparel

One of the most popular types of corporate gifts is the apparel. You can either choose to give t-shirts or jackets that are available in different sizes, designs and colours. One of the reasons why it is a popular choice is that you can choose to personalise it whether you have it printed with the names of the gift recipients or a print of your company’s logo or business name. It is also one of the cheap corporate gifts Singapore that you can find and you can give it to anyone regardless of their gender and age.

  1. Mugs and bottles

No matter what type of beverage that the recipients of the gifts like, they will definitely be able to use the mugs or bottles that you will be giving. There are different designs of mugs and bottles that you can turn into unique corporate gifts Singapore if you decided to personalise these items. There are also companies that cannot only print names and logos but can actually print the mugs with photos. It can be more personalised which gift recipients will definitely appreciate. Water bottles are also a great choice of gift because many people like to bring water or their favourite type of beverage wherever they went.

  1. Key chains

Another inexpensive or cheap corporate gift idea is a keychain. It might be a small item but recipients will definitely be able to use it especially if you choose great designs. There are also key chains that are customisable, which you can choose a photo that you wanted to turned into a keychain. The choice of photo depends on you but many business and companies choose to have their logo be printed that can be their way to promote their brand.

  1. Bags

Many corporate gift shops and companies are selling different types of bags. It is the reason why even small businesses can choose this type of gift because the bags are available in different prices. You can choose sling bags or pouches if you are in a budget and you can choose big bags like backpacks and tote bags if you are willing to spend more money. You can also choose to give wallets, pencil case, and different multipurpose bags that are also inexpensive yet useable to the gift recipients. This type of gift item can also be personalised and customised.

  1. Stationery items

Probably one of the most common gift items is the stationery. It can be used by anyone and there are a lot of choices for you to give such as notebooks, pens, memo pads, journals, planners, and other stationery items that are also useful and can be given to anyone. You can print these items with the logo or name of your company or business or personalised it with the name of the recipients.

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