5 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas You Can Consider Giving for Christmas

Are you often worried about what unique corporate gifts you’re going to give out this year, come Christmas? Do you dread that one time in the year when people just seem to obsess over cheer and good will and gift-giving?

Giving people gifts are some of the most fun things to do ever. But for some of us, that only works if we actually know the person we’re shopping for. Giving gifts to people you really don’t know, or aren’t personally close to, could be a bit awkward.

But if you’re in the business of, say marketing and your clients are the company’s lifeblood, then gift-giving is part of the job. You want to make them feel special, make them feel like you’re sincerely concerned about what happens to them. So just handing out mass-produced tokens won’t do. The gifts have to be something special.

Well, here’s a list of 5 great and unique corporate gifts you could hand out to every person on your client list without worrying it’ll offend them or embarrass the heck out of you:

1. Wine

Wine is one of the best unique corporate gifts out there. So you’re safe. You could even have the packaging customized and imprinted with your company’s name or logo before you send it to a client.

2. Pen holder or note holder

Or just basically anything your clients could use on their desks, like a note clip or note holder. This is a subtle—which is what makes it great—way to make yourself unforgettable. Desks are work spaces and if you give them that pen holder or clip holder with your name, or your company’s logo, there’s a greater chance that your clients will see it and remember you. That’s a classy way of keeping in touch.

3. A gift basket

But remember, not just any gift basket would do. Pick out items you know that client will like. Each gift basket must be different. It takes a bit of work to sort out and prepare but it’ll pay off in the end because your clients are going to love it.

4. Flash drive in a fun shape.

USBs are useful. They’ll remember you every time they use it.

5. Mugs

Know what colors your clients like and give them mugs in that shade or put their names on it, along with yours or a small logo of your company. You could even personalize it by having a caricature of your client’s face printed on the mug. With mugs like these, you’re sure to stay on awesome terms with every single one of your clients.

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