Are Cheap Corporate Gifts Always Worthless?

Every businessman or woman in the position of buying corporate gifts has been told at some point that cheap promotional items are worthless. They are made of low quality materials, fall apart easily, and generally are not appreciated by recipients. You may have taken this to be the truth, but is it really? Are there some low cost gifts that are actually of reasonable quality, and which your recipients will really want to receive?

Surprisingly, there are some lower cost personalized gifts that are sound investments for many businesses. These are not the premium gift items that you want to hand to an extremely important client or a future employee that you want to sway into your own corner, but they are the type of corporate gifts that you use to reward employees, thank customers, and hand out at trade shows and other events.

What Is the Functional Use?

The key to purchasing low cost personalized promotional items for your company is to find items that can be made without a lot of cost without sacrificing quality. These will be functional items that can actually be used by recipients in a valuable manner, but which do not require a lot of expensive materials.

One good example of a modern promotional item that can be purchased in bulk at very affordable rates is the portable USB drive. These drives are used to store files temporarily while being moved from one computer to another. They can also be used to transfer files between computers and other portable devices, such as e-readers and notebooks.

These portable devices have functional uses in the modern world, but they are small and can be made from lower quality plastic. This makes them functional and affordable.

Compare that to other premium gift items that need to be made from high quality materials in order to be of value. An example of this would be a notebook. There are many cheap pads of paper and notebooks that can be personalized and offered as promotional items. The problem is they are flimsy and worthless to recipients. They get thrown in the trash. You need a higher quality pad with a hard cover to really impress anyone, and that raises the price of each item.

You will no doubt score big by handing out the higher quality notebooks with nice leather binding with your company name in a tasteful location. You just don’t have the money to hand out those premium gift items to everyone who passes your table at a trade show or makes a small purchase from your company.

Mix It Up

You have to mix up your promotional items so you have something to impress everyone. For those making small purchases or who may never make a purchase, something cheap but with a functional purpose is ideal. For those you really need to impress, more substantial premium gift items are ideal.

You can stretch your budget for promotional items much further if you purchase a variety of items and carefully determine when each of them are distributed, and to who they are distributed.

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