Types of Non-Surgical Eye bag Removal for an “Eye bag free” Look

“Did you do an all-nighter? Did you cry overnight? You look tired, what happened?” These are the common questions people ask you every single day because of those two big dark circles under your eyes. Even if you had enough good sleep, eating healthy diet and exercising regularly, these eye bags seem not to disappear. […]

Excellent Ideas to Ace Exams and Get High Grades in School

Rich kids, entitled millennials and spoiled brats have been pampered and sheltered in their safety bubble, massive mansions and comfort zone all of their life and that is the reason why they never had to deal with the hardships and tough times that normal folks and average citizens occasionally experience in their daily lives every […]

Let’s Talk About Hair Styling and Accessories

One of the fun things about being a girl, a woman, or just a regular female somewhere in between (for those who are not so young yet not so old to be categorized in either), is that being stylish, from head to toe, is such an enjoyable thing to explore. While some Eves express their […]

Time to Experience Singapore’s Tantric Spell

After a hard day’s work, nothing could be better than a spell of smooth and relaxing massage session. But for tourists, nothing could be more relaxing than having a very intimate session of massage from sensual masseuse or masseur. Most of the tourists, especially those male majorities, aims to have a one of a kind […]

The Traditional Forms Of Advertising

There are a lot of businesses nowadays who would resort to different forms of advertising to sell their products since this is the most effective form of selling a certain product, service or idea. We all know that advertising comes in different types of selling your product. It can either be an audio or visual […]

When Sanitation Becomes Important to Public Health

If you think deeper, one may say that sanitation works in two ways; that is, 1.) Making sure that your environment or surrounding is always clean and 2.) Making certain that you, yourself, is hygienic too. For Erma, an environmentalist and public health professional, one of the best ways to make sure that you don’t […]