Basic ESD Protection Equipment That Can Also Be Used In Your Workplace

esd protection equipment

Electrostatic discharge, better known as ESD, is the sudden discharge of electricity between two electrically charged objects. This is most often caused by contact, a short circuit, or a dielectric malfunction. If not prevented, ESD can do serious or permanent damage to electronics. Your workplace and employees should be safe from any risks of ESD.

Before investing on ESD equipment, you have to assess your workplace situation. Identify where you should have electrostatic protected areas (or EPAs) and where you would be handling ESD sensitive items (or ESDS). This will help you determine what type of equipment you will need in these areas.

We have rounded out basic equipment that you can use to prevent ESD from happening in your workplace.

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Wrist Straps

Wrist straps are one of the most important ESD protection equipment for your employees. To prevent workers from getting electric shock, a wrist strap will keep your personnel near ground potential. It allows for a safe dissipation of electrical charges between your personnel to surfaces. This piece of equipment prevents hazardous discharges between human bodies and objects.



Clothing is a huge concern when it comes to ESD protected areas. Most clothing materials can generate electrostatic charges that can discharge into ESDS or can produce electrostatic fields that may bring about charges. ESD protection clothing may suppress an electric field from clothing worn underneath the grounded static control garments.


clean room productsESD Footwear and Flooring

Walking can generate electrostatic charges. This is bad news if you work in a static conductive or static dissipative environment. The combination of ESD control flooring and footwear work together in reducing the charge accumulated on personnel. ESD control flooring materials also minimise charge accumulations on chairs and work equipment. Insulated footwear, on the other hand, prevents static charges from flowing from the body to the ground. This can be especially useful in areas where personnel need to be able to move around a lot in the work area.


Workstations and Surfaces

Workstations are usually located in a controlled area like a clean room. ESD controlled workstations are static dissipative work surfaces that is used as a means of grounding personnel to a common point ground. These workstations also include appropriate and useful labels and protective mats. Another important benefit from ESD control workstations is that it prevents any equipment from getting damaged by ESD.


clean room singaporePackaging Materials

Materials brought into a clean room or any other controlled area has to be protected by electrostatic discharge. These packaging materials are used to eliminate or minimise the potential impact by ESD created from electrical discharges. The materials used can either shield from static or conduct electricity to protect products inside from any damage made by static electricity.


Air Ionisers

Air Ionisers are used to neutralise the static charge in the air by producing a balanced supply of positively and negatively charged ions. Any polarity changes in the air will be immediately be polarised. This equipment is often used in controlled environments.

Keeping your employees and equipment safe during dangerous conditions should be your top priority. Technology preventing ESD in Singapore has a lot to offer when it comes to basic equipment.


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