Beat Western Food Cravings In Singapore Via Food Delivery

Singapore is a haven for foodies out there. As Singapore is a multi-cultural country, its food choices are diverse: from Chinese, Indian, to Italian. Singapore has it all for your food cravings. Singapore cuisine is definitely for those who like ethnic diversity when it comes to their meals.

Singapore is also perhaps the go-to Asian country for your western food cravings. Western food is a plenty in Singapore to cater expats who work in the Lion City. Western food in Singapore ranges from English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian, among others. You just need to know where to look.

The problem though is what if you don’t have time to roam around the city to look for these restaurants? Lucky for you, most Western cuisine restaurants in Singapore offer food delivery perfect for those of you stuck in the office and do not have enough time to go out for lunch break. Or perhaps you just don’t have the time and energy to go out of your house to explore western food in Singapore.

Here are a couple of restaurants in Singapore that offer Western food delivery:

1. Cali Cafe

Cali Cafe is one of Singapore’s best kept secrets. Cali Cafe is located around Rochester Park and nestled within the Park Avenue Hotel.

Cali Cafe is perfect for those craving for the flavors of sunny California such as baby back ribs and steaks with fries. The restaurant also offers Ben and Jerry’s and New Zealand Natural ice cream topped on Belgian waffles.

2. The Rotisserie

Craving for rotisserie-cooked chicken in Singapore? Then better call up The Rotisserie and place a delivery! The Rotisserie is famous for being the leading rotisserie-cooked chicken and gourmet salad in Singapore. Their chickens here are freshly delivered from the farms! The rotisserie-cooked chicken too is a healthy option for a western food delivery as chickens are rich in protein!

3. Dallas Restaurant and Bar

Want to take a bite out of good, old American steaks? Better call up Dallas Restaurant and Bar and place an order of their famous steaks. Aside from their juicy steaks, Dallas Restaurant and Bar also offers seafood dishes.

4. Intrepid Gastro Bar

For a taste of Australian cuisine, have food delivered from Intrepid Gastro Bar.

Intrepid Gastro Bar is popular for bring the best of Melbourne cuisine in Singapore. The restaurants is also famous for preparing their dishes with fresh ingredients as well as for their wide selection of craft beers and coffee.

If you want to feast on Australian cuisine while sipping cool, craft beer, better place a food delivery from Intrepid Gastro Bar.

5. Spizzico

Want a taste of authentic Italian cuisine? Spizzico is your top choice in Singapore.

Spizzico is popular for capturing the flavors of Italy. If there is one item you have to order from their menu, it is their bestselling traditional spicy flat pasta kneaded in chilli.

6. Chili’s Grill and Bar

Enjoy the flavors of Southwest America by ordering at Chili’s Grill and Bar. The restaurants is famous for their southwestern eggrolls, Big Mouth Burgers, and baby back ribs. For sweet treats, make sure to order the restaurant’s molten chocolate cake.

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