Best Ways to Sell An Engagement Ring

The worst thing you can ever think of doing with your engagement ring is sell it. There could be so many reasons why a girl gave the ring back and we completely sympathize with you. You have a choice what to do with the engagement ring. You can save it for the next girl you will propose to (Yikes) or you can make money off of it.


When you get primed to offer your ring, it is important that you can prove it is really yours. On account of a broken engagement, state laws differ about who possesses the ring. In a few cases, the ring is viewed as the property of the individual who appropriated, however in others, it was a restrictive blessing and must be come back to the provider. This is likewise an issue on account of separation, where the ring may be the property of both gatherings. To get some answers concerning the lawfulness of offering your ring, contact a lawyer acquainted with the particular laws of your state.


Are there no more things holding you back in selling your engagement ring? Do you really want to make some money from your engagement ring? If your answer is, “I do” then you can try out the these things listed below:


Specialty Websites

Believe it or not, there are websites specialising in selling of jewellery in Singapore. You should check out,, and on your browser. These sites facilitate the selling of the rings submitted on their site. They require payment.


Online advertisement

The easiest way you can sell your engagement ring is by posting it on websites that offers free advertisement. Make sure your contact information (email address or phone number) are included to make the potential individual to buy engagement ring from you.


Online auction

If you don’t have any idea how much to sell the ring, you might want to try signing up to an online auction. The good thing about it is that you can leave it there and wait until great bids appear.


Newspaper classified advertisement

If you have some budget for publication, you can try publishing advertisements on newspapers. Since you will be paying for an inclusion, you should make the most of it by including description and a photo of the ring. You need to think of something that will make your ad stand out. Promote but not overrate.

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