Are You Planning to Attend an Executive Coaching Class in Singapore?

The corporate world is such an amazing world. Imagine, that is the place where you get to meet a lot of people coming from different backgrounds. You get to see them, learn from them, transact with them, and eventually, you would also get to adapt the way they act or think. But given that it […]

What to Expect Before and After Receiving Your Diploma in Tourism

One of the biggest decisions that a teenager will encounter is choosing the course that they truly want as they step up in college. In choosing a college course, one must be 101% sure of it because this will lead to where they may be in the future. (This situation depends on the person whether […]

Yes, You Can Learn Thai in Singapore

Are you a fan of foreign movies? Do you stick to a certain genre or you would like to see a lot of films produced in different countries? Well, if you seek for different film types or formulas, you may even chance upon, in one way or another, a film produced in Thailand. Well, if […]

Excellent Ideas to Ace Exams and Get High Grades in School

Rich kids, entitled millennials and spoiled brats have been pampered and sheltered in their safety bubble, massive mansions and comfort zone all of their life and that is the reason why they never had to deal with the hardships and tough times that normal folks and average citizens occasionally experience in their daily lives every […]

Tips to Preparing Your Child for Primary School in Singapore

It’s hard not to feel excited for your child as they progress to primary school. You wake up with mixed emotions on their first day of school, which also marks the start of a new phase in their life. Preparing your child for primary school in Singapore does not have to be a complex process. […]

Importance of Enrolling Kids in a Preschool in Singapore

Enrolling a child in a preschool in Singapore marks the start of their early childhood education. You probably have been asking yourself, is it worth it to take your child to school this early? Should you wait for another year? Should you just teach them from home? To help you sort things out, we’ll try […]

Tips That Can Help You Pass Chemistry Class

Passing a chemistry class is always an achievable goal, even if you find it difficult now. The first step is to take time understanding the fundamentals. Chances are you’d also have to handle some basic math, and then use a calculator for some more complex equations. Either way, you’re ought to learn something new and […]

What Parents Need to Look for in a Singapore International School

Singapore International Schools are known for their welcoming atmosphere most especially to expatriate children who are only beginning to settle in the city. As Singapore continues to thrive as a nation, an increasing number of expatriate families have decided to stay and make a living here. The schools do prioritise expatriate children who are in […]

What is the Value of Preschool Education in Singapore?

For ages, preschool education has been delegated to teachers and it has been the responsibility of these professionals to make sure that basics of learning are well taken care of. Times have changed and parents as well as teachers are now encouraged to do their part to be able to help children in the preschool […]

Five Ways To Make Reading And Writing Fun For Children

Do you know that little kids given the right guidance and motivation would love to learn how to write? What can parents and educators do to capture this intrinsic motivation? These tried and true reading and writing programs will turn your pencil-and-paper kid into a writer and reader. Story-Time Writing Most parents read stories to […]