Urban Living

Living in the city can be really tough. There are all these noises from busy people, honks of cars that wish to get past the long queue of other vehicles. People get to work and do all they want and the only rewarding thing they can give themselves is to come home to a nice […]

Steps on Choosing Cabinet Hinges

Choosing hinges for cabinets might seem easy. However, because of many choices it will be hard for you to decide on which to pick amongst all the others. Hinges are important not only because of its appearance but most importantly because it can affect on how your cabinets and doors function. Choosing wrong hinges might […]

A Closer Look at Metal Finishing

A wide range of processes using different materials are used when doing metal finishing. The process includes cleaning, etching, and plating on surfaces to be able to produce it with the surface characteristics that you wanted. Metal finishing processes include electro chemical and chemical conversion, electrolytic plating, and electro less plating. To make the process […]

Things You Should Know When Buying a Condo

There are a lot of things you have to take into consideration when you purchase anything as big as private property. Buying a condominium requires a lot of time and money prior to the transaction. Often considered a luxury purchase, condominiums are more expensive than HDBs. We list down some things you should keep in […]

Carpet Cleaning Home Remedies: Tips & Tricks

Carpet is one of the most delicate fibers you can have in your home and most of the time it gets stains. Like other clothes, you obviously cannot wash carpets easily therefore lots of people face problems in cleaning carpets at home. Ranging from the everyday dust and filth to the coffee and tea stains, […]

7 Easy Interior Design Tips

These days, a house is not enough–it has to be a home. Adding personal touches to a living space is essential. Before, families were more concerned with the practical rather than the frivolous. Now, form and function can marry into a great project that fits the personality of the resident. Singaporeans are slowly realizing the […]