What is the Best Roof Material and Design for You?

It is perhaps the most important part of the house but often the one given the least attention. While homeowners hire a platoon of experts from architects and contractors to interior designers and even spiritual gurus is trying to build their ‘dream houses’, very little consideration is given to roofs perhaps because it is the […]

Renovations are More Challenging but More Fulfilling

Interior designs are sometimes changeable depending on the perspective of the owner. When there are renovations, it may somehow be related to the previous or a totally different one. In doing so, you need to have a wide imagination to work out with or just simply be creative in your own way. For others who […]

Improving Corporate Identity through Interior Office Design

Corporate branding is not a simple matter as it used to be. Today, corporate branding is more than just a logo, official color, product packaging, or catchy taglines but has to do with every means a product of a company or brand interacts with the public. But more than just an issue of media utilization, […]

How to Change Your Ordinary House into a Dream Home

People need to sow their wild oats, prove their sand, earn their salt and pull their own weight each and every day if they want to survive and live a relatively comfortable and happy life because nothing will be handed to them on a silver platter. And that is the reason why at the end […]

A Closer Look at Metal Finishing

A wide range of processes using different materials are used when doing metal finishing. The process includes cleaning, etching, and plating on surfaces to be able to produce it with the surface characteristics that you wanted. Metal finishing processes include electro chemical and chemical conversion, electrolytic plating, and electro less plating. To make the process […]

5 Really Good Tips in Interior Decoration

Contrary to what many people believe, an interior design is not only for aesthetics. Design tells stories and your home or personal space should be reflective of your stories: a mirror of your style, attitude, and even your aspirations. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people put primacy in interior decoration […]

How to select the best curtains and blinds

Selecting the best choice of curtains and blinds is largely dependent on the need of the room. Window coverings vary. Curtains and blinds in the kitchen differ from curtains and blinds in the bedroom. Should you hang a thick curtain in your kitchen? Are you really willing to exert much effort into getting the stench […]

What are Outdoor Sunscreen?

No, we’re not talking about sunscreen as in the topical product you apply on your screen to protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays. This is about the sunscreen protection houses, buildings and other infrastructures use to block heat. There are different kinds of outdoor sunscreens available in the market for windows, patios, doors, […]