Why Choose A Career in Tourism and Hospitality Management

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As a positive effect of globalization, a wide array of professions and jobs (whether blue-, white-, pink-collar, or executive positions) now await every job seeker on different corners of the world. Gone are the times when we are confined with limited career options as our parents projected their dreams to us by encouraging us to be doctors, lawyers, or engineers simply because these are perceived to be the highest-paying of all the professions in the past. But as the digital age arrived, more jobs that aptly suit our dreams, skills, talents, and capabilities can now be easily browsed upon online as more and more job seekers rely on the World Wide Web to find people to join their dynamic workforce. Today, a graduate of architecture from a third world country in Asia can travel to Italy and get better career choices; a seasoned florist even without a university degree can now work in an ambitious city like New York; a tourism and hospitality management, graduate from the Philippines can now work in a five-star hotel in Dubai.  And why not? At this day and age, you have to be a good realist and a visionary to figure out what you want out of life that even before entering college, you have to be certain about the  best course that will  hone your skills as a future professional in your field of choice. How many stories have we heard about a medicine student in his third year suddenly wanting to become a writer; an engineering student who always flunks his Calculus subject because he is not cut out for a science course; or an economics major from Malaysia who have always wanted to just finish a diploma in tourism from a reputable school in Singapore?


If you are still undecided of which track to take, maybe reading about career options in the field of tourism and hospitality management can enlighten you and open doors of opportunities that you have never imagined before. You may be a soon-to-graduate high school student who is still clueless what to take in college; a college student who wants to enrol in a  less straining course; a middle-aged professional who is in dire need of a career shift; or any other person who has a wide interest on different industrial sectors. There sure is something for everyone here, so please care to read on.


  • Graduates of tourism and hospitality courses are highly employable

Fact. Graduates of this course can work on hotels, restaurants, events organizing companies, public relations, fast food chains, customer care centres, among others. According to a recent UK study about Hospitality graduate’s employment, about 83.8 % are automatically employed in their home country or abroad, 2.8 opts to take further study through a related master’s degree, and only 4.4 remain unemployed for a short period of time. The abundance of job openings in these sectors are always on the rise as similar establishments are always built on different countries. A new restaurant would always need a manager. A new hotel will always need a marketing officer. A leisure park will always need a tour manager. You will surely never run out of options.



  • Practical Choice and High Paying Positions

If  you never pictured yourself to work in an office setting, with perhaps a deadly sedentary lifestyle (as office works often require you to sit for 8 hours), then the service industry may just be the right field for you. If you like dealing with people and have a very pleasant personality, the hospitality industry is the right place for you. Carlamaen Lim, 16, who is contemplating on enrolling in one of those highly advertised hospitality courses in Singapore has a similar view about this industry. “My aunts all worked in hotels in London and Milan and all of them now are wealthy. I can also fairly say that they often tell me how they enjoy their work as there seem to be always something new to experience and new people to meet. They also don’t look stressed like other people of their age who work on offices because they are always active in their work and they say their profession require them to always smile and be positive. I wouldn’t mind following their footsteps.” True enough, workers in the tourism and hospitality industries are some of the well-paid and happy people in the world.


  • Challenging Profession with A More than Satisfactory Promise of Growth

Interpersonal intelligence is certainly one of things that is required from people who wish to work in these fields. You have to be a people person and develop a pleasant and tolerant attitude to different personalities that you will encounter on a daily basis. That kind of professional experience would prompt you to be mature and open-minded which is good for your personal and professional growth as well. In the tourism and hospitality industry, you may start at the lowest rank and file position and work your way up in the executive level provided that you are diligent, hard-working, and smart. As with any other profession, the industry requires the employees to be analytical, industrious, and clever too. Works in the fields would also require you to be collaborative and become a problem-solver so there sure is growth in your professional life.






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