Essential Tips for Advertising Through Flyer Distribution in Singapore

The way you distribute your flyer with the help of the company doing your flyer distribution in Singapore determines the way the recipient of those fliers shall respond to your direct advertisement campaign. However the cost as well as the effectiveness of the company doing this varies according to the package that you select for reaching your desired level of customer response. Flyers have always remained as a popular form of advertisement in Singapore. The companies doing flyer distributions provides furious advertisement campaigns for their clients, by distributing printed messages of their clients which are also often accompanied by portrait of their client’s faces for making a greater visual impact of those advertisements to the masses.

According to a recent statistical survey done at Singapore, it has been observed that the leaflets of the companies doing flyer distribution has a response rate of 2 to 3 percent and thus needs repeated campaigns to establish the desired level of response which is often achieved with patience and time. It has also been observed that leaflets circulated by the companies are much inexpensive compared to any other forms of advertisements in the market. Hence using Singapore based local advertisement companies for this advertising method can be considered as an extremely useful marketing strategy for targeting the market once and again within a very short span of time, thus ultimately creating superior market response at a fraction of the cost which you could have shelled out for any other kind of advertisement campaigns of your firm.

For getting a proper response, always insist on using cost effective paper type and print for getting an optimal result. The size of flyer that you choose to use depends on the flyer distribution area and on your type of service which you wish to promote. The A4 size papers are used for this purpose to help the advertiser to stand out from the rest of the competitors in the market. However for mass distribution of your paper advertisements in the Island, its best to use A5 or A6 paper sizes as it is more cost effective for the advertiser. The A7 size of leaflets are also often used by several advertisement campaigners, as these leaflets are small enough for the recipients to put them inside their wallets which can be read later on once the recipients reach their office or home.

Though flyer distribution is mostly considered as an inexpensive form of advertisement campaign, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should care less about its quality and content while advertising. Unprofessionally catered leaflets often reflects badly on your company’s images and so can do more harm than good if you neglect the information provided in the content. Most establishments use glossy papers for printing their leaflets with multicolored inks to attract better response from the crowd.

While embarking on an advertisement campaign, always remain sure to create a catchy headline (e.g. “Save 75% on your HOTEL Bill”) and do not consider focusing to much on your company name. Since if you are keen upon advertising your product, understand flyers are necessarily not your name cards, and are often distributed openly on the roads.

If used in a proper manner flyer distribution in Singapore can guarantee instant publicity of any product. Design your flyers smartly so that it can impress your potential customer base. Also ensuring that you are tied up with a good and experienced advertising company certainly makes a lot of difference in producing better results while doing your business promotional campaigns with establishments.


Feature Image Source: Arturo de Albornoz

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