The Evolution of Digital Marketing Services

The digital frontier has just gotten more sophisticated.

Search engine optimization companies in the Philippines

With more and more people now dependent on their mobile phone, majority of internet transactions are now happening in cellular phones and mobile devices rather than computers and laptops.  An increasing number of users are spending more of their free time watching the screens of smartphones and tablets and 61% of smartphone owners performing searches from their device each day. This has also radically changed the way people do searches and consequently, has changed the way search rankings are determined.

In the digital marketing world just a few years ago, search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) were the craze and the battle for competitive edge were waged in on-line frontiers.  SEO and SEM companies functioned as indirect, virtual and modern-day advertising companies that worked to boost visibility of a company’s website using a range of digital marketing strategies to improve search engine ranking of websites, establish and improve online presence and raise the number of potential clients and direct purchases.

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For many SEO and SEM agencies In the Philippines, these strategies involved a range of activities including push digital marketing, conventional advertising methods that directly takes the product or service to the customer and directly sells them through display advertising, SMS messages, email campaigns and newsletter campaigns in an attempt to ‘push’  them to buy a product or avail a service, hence the term push digital marketing. Many push digital marketing strategies in the in the Philippines were based on researches on consumer information-seeking behavior and therefore had the advantage of scheduling the delivery of content to subscribers and potential customers and at the same time specifying target customers or demographics and custom-fitting content based on their profile which has been proven to be more effective and consistent compared to newer marketing forms. Push digital marketing remained relevant for years since it reduced the amount of time between a customer discovering a product, the time learning about it and the time to buy it and were therefore attractive strategies for start-ups and companies who has just introduced and mass produced new products into the market and immediately need to distribute and sell them.


Eventually, companies capitalized in on-line actions and shifted to pull digital marketing services. Many SEO and SEM agencies in the Philippines primarily offer these modern forms of digital marketing do not directly promote or sell a product but rather generate demand for a product or boost interests in a client’s website by providing its links in blog posts, client website content and white papers. Companies utilized pull digital marketing strategies to raise awareness about a product before releasing it and allowed to manufacture based on demands and save on producing fewer units.  During its evolution, many SEO companies also started offering off-line services including responsive website development, and website content improvement, social media, audio and video streaming to make contents more attractive for potential clients.

Today, the mobile trend did necessarily change these strategies but only compelled digitial marketing companies to apply the same methods and principles into mobile devices transactions. With major search engines such as Google now putting mobile-friendly ads at the forefront of their operations and as trends in pay-per-click marketing continually pointing towards the strength, accessibility and the convenience of mobile use, SEM companies have very little choice but to stay on top of these trends.

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