What to Expect Before and After Receiving Your Diploma in Tourism

Diploma in tourism Singapore

One of the biggest decisions that a teenager will encounter is choosing the course that they truly want as they step up in college. In choosing a college course, one must be 101% sure of it because this will lead to where they may be in the future. (This situation depends on the person whether they want to continue their journey on what degree they took.)

But before making your final decision, make sure that the course you will take is what you really want, a course that you know has and will develop your skills, and a course that you will not regret taking.

There are a lot of college courses for students to choose from, (Although not all universities offer all courses)

If you want to experience travelling to different places, and to also improve your communication skills by meeting and serving people/customers, then Tourism is the perfect course for you.

Tourism is a college course that will help you to further develop not only your skills and experience, but also your entrepreneurship.

For your information, here are things that you need to know in (taking the course) Tourism:

  • As mentioned above, one of the most important skills needed whether you are working for a travel agency, or still studying the course Tourism, is communicating. The goal is to make your customer feel happy, satisfied, and welcome that is why a good sense of communication skill is needed. Make them feel as if the place they are staying is their second home. And remember, some customers tend to get “grumpy”, be professional and treat the customer the way they need to be treated.
  • Multi-tasking is also a must! Expect that you will roam around the place managing a customer’s concern, the check-ins and outs, and other situations that you can imagine. The thought may be stressful, but remember that everyone starts from learning. It’s only a matter of practicing and being dedicated to what you are doing.
  • Speaking of skills, the WSQ courses in Singapore or the Workforce Skills Qualifications, is a system that helps you train, improve and to further practice your capabilities that a company looks for in an individual.
  • Tourism is not just about travelling to different places. Tourism is about being able to connect not just to your customers, but also to the job itself (being passionate about it), and also to accommodate and entertain people.
  • Taking the course and getting a diploma in tourism in Singapore is like studying other cultures, traditions, and countries. Take note that not all people will understand your gestures and clothing. If you are going to travel out of the country, make sure that you are knowledgeable enough when it comes to interacting with different people around the world. (And always wear your proper uniform!)
  • Depending on what career you want to take after receiving your diploma in tourism (examples are: flight attendant, resort manager, or chef) expect that during your on-the job training, things will be quite challenging since you are practicing for the real world. Tourism from the word itself, is mainly about touring to different places along with getting along with a group of diverse people. It is very important for you to know their cultures and traditions whenever you are touring out of the country.
  • Do your best and trust the process! Everyone struggles in order for one to reach their dream.

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