How to Mail a global Present on a Budget

Delivering flowers to your loved ones locally is simple, but how about to foreign close friends? Most people go through the hassle of picking out something special that will be appreciated by the recipient, and then packaging it securely and standing in line at the post office. The fee to send a gift overseas is insanely costly. And you have to go through all the troubles of queuing at post office.
Is there a way to avoid the expense of shipping a gift internationally? In fact you can avoid all the hassles of queuing at the post office. You don’t have to waste so much time and pay such hefty fee. Okay, so here are a few ways you can save yourself from over-spending.

Method 1: Place your online order at a reputable local online florist in Singapore.

The most reliable method nowadays is to send gifts by placing an order online. Make sure the stores are local and they deliver to the recipient’s address. This gives you access to a wide selection of gifts, and allows you to pay online. It is fast and convenient! It is also safe if you order from a well-established e-commerce store. Your payment information will be sent via a secure server, that’s when you see https: on your web address bar. Most importantly, if you encounter any problems, rest assured you can call their phone number to seek for assistance.
Online flower delivery may come to mind when you think of ordering gifts online. You will be mesmerized by all the online items offered by online florist. The flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, you name it, online florists have it. They even offer skin care and beauty products too. Convenient right?
Your international gift will be paid for online, processed in a facility local to your recipient, and then delivered right to their door. You can arrange for delivery to someone while on their job or while at home. You do not have to stand in line at the post office, and the delivery charge is much lower since you are not shipping your gift internationally. Another advantage is that your items can be sent while they are still fresh!

Method #2: Ring the local providers if their stores accept payment through mail or cheque

Just get on the Net and browse for online florist Singapore, and give them a buzz to ask if they accept order that’s placed by phone. However, you might be worried over the quality of the flowers offered by local florist as you cannot browse or survey any items prior to buying. Paying though mail or giving information over the phone can be a very risky act.

It is always best to order online express delivery rather than doing it the conventional ways. Ordering and paying online are safe and easy as you know what you are buying.

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