How to select the best curtains and blinds

Selecting the best choice of curtains and blinds is largely dependent on the need of the room. Window coverings vary. Curtains and blinds in the kitchen differ from curtains and blinds in the bedroom. Should you hang a thick curtain in your kitchen? Are you really willing to exert much effort into getting the stench produced by cooking out of those thick drapes? It’s the same dilemma too in the bathroom. You have to make sure your curtains and blinds are waterproof.

To help choose curtains and blinds, here’s a list of the best window coverings specific to your room’s requirements:

1. Bathroom

If there’s one major requirement in choosing a window covering for bathrooms, it would be that the material is waterproof. Waterproof materials include faux food, PVC coated fabric, and vinyl. It also helps if the material is moisture-resistant.

bathroom blinds

Blinds are perfect for bathrooms as most are waterproof.(Image Source:

For the design of your bathroom window covering, choose blinds. Consider using venetian blinds, vertical blinds, or roller blinds. Blinds help in the lighting of your bathroom as well as privacy control.

2. Kitchen

Choosing the perfect window covering for your kitchen can be quite tricky. If you have Stepford-wife-inspired interiors in your kitchen, it may be tempting to put on that flowery curtain to match the design.

kitchen blinds

Blinds don’t absorb the smell from cooking and are resistant to stains.(Image Source:

It can get messy inside kitchens though because of the cooking process. Juice from fruits you’re cutting may stain your curtains. Smoke from all the frying can also seep into the thick fabric. Considering these, you might want to ditch curtains and go for blinds instead.

As most blinds are made from waterproof material, they are easier to clean. You can just wipe the stains off and roll the blinds away to keep them from acquiring moisture and from absorbing the smell from cooking.

For the design, use vertical, roller, or venetian blinds. For the material, consider using wood or faux-wood blinds. The harder the material, the easier it is to clean.

3. Bedroom

For bedroom window coverings, you can be more flexible. You can even do both curtains and blinds in your bedroom. One requirement, however, is that your window covering should be opaque in material to allow you a restful sleep and also for better privacy.

Consider using also Blockout curtains. Blockout curtains help in darkening the room are are perfect for East facing windows. If you don’t want the morning sun waking you up, Blockout curtains are the top choice.

bedroom curtain

Dark curtains block the light, making your sleep more restful.(Image Source:×686.jpg)

You can also match horizontal blinds with curtains. This combination is useful during the morning when you want a certain amount of light to enter your room as the opening of the blinds can be easily adjusted. When night-time comes, just conceal the blinds with the curtains.

4. Living room

living room blinds

Blinds or curtains, anything goes in the living room. (Image Source:

Living room window coverings are also flexible. If you want privacy, choose blinds and shutters. Louvre shutters are perfect for those who seek privacy. You can have louvre shutters adjusted to still have light come in your living without outsiders seeing too much of the interiors.

If you’re okay with being an open house, curtains will always be at your disposal.

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