Increasing the Value of Common Gift Items

Gift-giving is a custom as old as time. Whether for special occasions like Christmas and thanks giving or casual events like reunions and parties, giving gifts is almost a standard universal practice.

The corporate and commercial world is no different. Corporate gifts and other give-aways are some of the simple but effective items that establish and nurture relationships with clients and have therefore become a common place gesture of goodwill among many commercial establishments and corporations.  In fact, it has become so common place, and apparently complex that it has become an ‘art and science’ all its own. Today, special strategy of ‘giftology’ is considered a special commercial function and companies devote tremendous resources into this process of corporate gift-giving.

Of course, most of these have to do with the choice of gift items. The most common corporate gift ideas in Singapore include clothing, apparels and accessories like shirts, jackets. There are also common office supplies like caps, pens, coffee mugs, notepads, and bags. Recently, a new wave of techno products have become popular choices since they have become routinely necessary:  USB, earphones, power banks, storage cards, stylus pen, cellular phone and table covers.

In Singapore, these items are very popular corporate gifts for a reason. They are ideal gifts since they are highly functional or practical. These corporate gift items are mostly items that an employee, client, supplier and consumer base can use every day. Aside from being functional, corporate gifts are also promotional gifts that may be used on a regular basis and therefore improve a company’s visibility while at the same time communicate a concern for employees’, clients’ and partners, convenience and productivity. These items also suggest that a company is sensitive to the needs of its stakeholders. As such, these corporate gifts help establish strong bonds among a company and its stakeholders since various researches have shown that that corporate gifts that are used routinely tends make a company and a clients’ relationship virtually deeper as the company becomes a routinely visible, regular part of the recipients everyday life.

But have these items become too commonplace that they no longer have distinct or distinguishing value? Generally, corporate gifts have practical and sentimental value. In between, there is the uniqueness variable. Unique corporate gifts tend to have more value than cu-and-dried ones. Of courses, quality and durability of the item also affects the gifts’ over-all value but there are many ways to make typical gifts more appealing.

For instance, simple gifts like clocks can be personalized with a company logo or the employees name or photo. Mugs can be custom-made to bear the employees name. A lot of ‘low-cost’ or ‘budget’ gift-items can be significantly improved by custom-making o personalizing these items to increase over-all emotional values. Personalizing or custom-making corporate gifts goes a long way in suggesting that every person is special and that at the company takes time, effort and resources in recognizing individuals. Many corporate gift suppliers in Singapore now provide such personalized and custom-making services in recognition of this important strategy.

Corporate gifts can also be made special by being relevant and socially responsible. In the Singaporean for instance, the past decade suggests that social and environmental relevance is a new public value.  Using environment-friendly materials, items that are produced under fair labor conditions and other socially-responsible terms, apparels that can be worn on everyday casual activities as well as other athletic and recreational activities, healthy foods, energy-saving gadgets make for ideal corporate gifts in Singapore if only because they appeal to a socially conscious public. Many promotional gift suppliers have shifted to retail and wholesale of these socially-relevant products.

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