Inspiring the Youth to Excel and Expand their Horizons

Wise men say, reiterate and concur over and over again since time immemorial that the youth of the nation holds the key that will unlock a better, brighter and more peaceful future and that is why it falls on our hands to guide them in the way that they should go so that they will not depart from these admonitions and pieces of advice when they are older. But sadly, there are a lot of misguided young people out there who fail to see that they are the future leaders of the world and pillars of society and that is why they waste their time and their potential doing inane and stupid things that make the older folks around them shake their heads in disappointment and disbelief.

Instead of focusing on their studies, taking their scholastic endeavours seriously, burning the midnight oil and acing their exams so that they can graduate with flying colours and highest honours, there are a lot of misled youth out there who are spiralling downward dangerously towards their self-destruction and untimely demise. Instead of working in pcb fabrication in Singapore and some other company so that they can gain life experiences that will build their character, make their bones tougher and prepare them for the bigger challenges that they will surely face in the near future, they just slack off without a care in the world. And they need to figure it out sooner and not later because most of these kids are getting involved in seedy activities with dangerous people and they are in way over their heads because their misdemeanours can escalate to deadly standoffs. 

But they can never do it on their own because they need the unconditional love and undying support of their true friends and caring family every step of the way even if they push them around and act like they have everything figured when in fact they are clueless and going nowhere fast. It is a thin line between leading them to the right path and intruding on their private life because a lot of these young kids should be rewarded or disciplined based on their actions and inaction. But they should also be allowed to make their own decisions and commit mistakes to let them learn the ropes and get their sea legs by themselves because experience is still the best teacher.

Therefore, it is just logical and reasonable to put these young people through good schools because quality education is the best weapon that they need to get a fighting chance to survive in life and enjoy a bright future. They also need to learn about responsibility and accountability and that is why they should take an internship as an assembly line worker in a factory or a pcb manufacturer in Singapore because this will teach them that nothing will be handed to them on a silver platter and they have to work for everything that they want and need in this life.

In conclusion, for young people to excel in every little thing that they do and expand their horizons, they need the support of the people that they love and respect with all their heart. But at the same time, they need to step with their best foot forward, exert optimum effort and give their best shot in every little thing that they do to prove their worth and achieve their dreams in life.

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