Let’s Talk About Hair Styling and Accessories

One of the fun things about being a girl, a woman, or just a regular female somewhere in between (for those who are not so young yet not so old to be categorized in either), is that being stylish, from head to toe, is such an enjoyable thing to explore. While some Eves express their femininity through the clothes they wear, the bags and shoes they buy, or the make up they paint on their faces, some females are very particular with how they dress, cut, and accessorize their hair.

Take it from Adie, 16, who always wears some evita peroni hair clip when she goes out with her friends to watch a movie or simply shop at the mall, “This is my thing since I was 11 when my mom started telling me I have to start caring for my hair. I used to just wear it however I want it, like, comb it after shower and then just use a scrunchy when it gets in the way. But when I saw a lot of girls in my school wearing cute hair clips, I started to be interested in accessorizing my hair too. When it comes to hair cut, I never let my hair get beyond the shoulder area. I don’t like my hair too long because it doesn’t go with the shape of my face.”

Sarah, 23, who already works as a marketing associate, also loves shopping for evita peroni hair accessories as of late, “I just miss looking more fab. With the kind of work I do, I am usually dressed in corporate attire especially when I meet with business people and other clients. So just to make my look a little less boring, I sometimes use the classic, sleek evita clip when I need to tie or put my hair up. I usually do this when my upper cloth is a bit closed and I need to somehow show my neck is still there. It’s not glittery or anything so it still goes with my overall corporate look. You just have to learn how to properly seal the hair so it still looks formal and business-appropriate. My hair is always long and I don’t like it when it is too short that it flies away easily. I get it trimmed and sometimes cut in layers, but that is it. I never want to wear it too short, ever. ”

Gladys and Mitch, twins, both 10 years old, started learning how to shop for evita peroni accessories online through their aunt, “Our pretty and kind aunt said she will give us our birthday and Christmas presents since we   were also born on the 25th, and we could let her pay for the hair twist, hair band, elise pelican, bobby pins, and a tiara we saw online last week. She knows how we love hair accessories. She often takes pictures of us and post it on Instagram. One day, we can be some pretty Disney princess, and then the next day, we can turn into some beautiful and young Greek goddess. We are actually learning a lot from hair accessories. It is so fun,” shared Mitch.

Vlogger and lifestyle magazine contributor Stella on the other hand enjoys hair styling, “I’ve got all the hair styling gadgets—from hair curlers, hair straighteners to hair products for hair spa or DIY hot oils, I am very OC when it comes to my hair because I really believe it is my crowning glory. When my hair is bad, I look ugly and ridiculous so I take it to heart to really style it well.”

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