Mistakes of ‘Work from Home’ Employees

Most people consider working from home the ideal scenario. Aside from saving on transportation costs, people who work from home can wear anything they want and are never late. However, working from home has its own disadvantages. You often find yourself procrastinating for hours or possibly submitting late outputs. Whatever the reason maybe, your professionalism will be at risk. They say that working from home has a lot of benefits. We beg to disagree; here are some mistakes that employees who work from their homes usually commit.

Procrastination is not the key

You’re spending way too much time looking at photos on social media sites that you forgot that you need to submit something at this hour. This is the most common mistake a work from home employee commits. Since they have unlimited home broadband and a mobile broadband, employees will now have access to any site in the internet. Unlike in some offices where there’s a firewall in some of their most visited sites.

You submit late outputs

Of course with you procrastinating and distracted by anyone in your house, you are most likely submit your outputs late. Without a supervisor or a manager monitoring your work you feel like you have the freedom to just submit anytime within the day. With that, your productivity is losing its value and you are slowly becoming a little unprofessional to your colleagues.

You come up with a lot of excuses

One of the worst disadvantages of working from home is you are always coming up with an excuse not to work. Whether your home broadband is always down or your mobile broadband is not connecting, the more excuses you come up with that could lead you to performing badly. Remember that working from home is a privilege and a benefit that you’ve earned and should be used wisely.

Your office etiquette, out the window

We know that wearing the most comfortable clothes makes you happy but remember you are still on the job and business is business. Your bosses are allowing you to do whatever you want when working but you shouldn’t get too comfortable or your productivity will suffer.

You can only grow a little

With you working from home, most of the time you are not surrounded by officemates, clients, or superiors. Instead, you are just secluded in the confines of your room or your spot at the coffee shop. Your network is barely growing and you as an employee will most likely to have less experience in using your communication skills.

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