Overwatch Betting Guide: The Basics

The Overwatch League is the largest tournament for esports bettors who want to make a profit out of Overwatch, a newly released multiplayer FPS video game that took the world by storm with its fresh graphics and new characters. Europe, America, and other parts of Southeast Asia like Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and more. So if you think you’re ready to earn some money and bet on your favorite teams, here’s a definitive guide you need to know on how to start your Overwatch betting journey:

Learn and Understand Betting Odds

Before anything else, a gambler should know what betting odds mean. It’s the most important part of online betting as the odds states the probability of the one team winning the game and your probable payout if you win the game. You should know how to read odds, especially the values they represent. Most esports betting odds use decimal odds, fractional odds, and U.S. odds.

Pick Up The Bets

Beginners are inclined to play with a lot of selections to increase their chances of winning. However, this strategy can also empty your Bitcoin wallet and send you to bankruptcy in no time. You should take into consideration the matches you’re most knowledgeable about and the types of bets available for betting.

Pick A Betting Strategy  

Picking a strategy is never easy as esports betting is a combination of luck and skill. There are no strategies that can guarantee 100% success so you need to resort to trial and error. This Overwatch basic betting guide really takes a lot of time and effort. Choose your battles and specialize on certain esports and Overwatch matches if you’re a beginner.

Research and Gather Information

By gathering information, you can evaluate probabilities and if possible, increase your odds of winning the bet. Of course, this very page of our Overwatch betting guide is part of the information you need to be gathering. Don’t always rely on the odds given by bookmakers and oddsmaker, do your own research. Study the esports, the gameplay, the tournament, and the teams competing. After all, the outcome of the game is affected by multiple variables.

Avoid Bandwagon

When necessary, bet against the public and ignore the odds given for the favored team and the underdog. Sometimes, the weakest team can shock everyone and upset the entire tournament. If you think the underdog has a chance of winning the game before or halfway through the game, bet against the public and follow your guts. Also, prepare for odds shift.

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