Overwatch Predictions: A Look At This Year’s Asian Teams

The second season of the Overwatch League is on-going, and we’re currently on the second stage. Apart from that, we also have the Overwatch World Cup, another top-tier tournament that features OWL players competing under the banners of their home countries. With the emergence of these tournaments, Singapore, China, and other parts of Asia have started sending their professional teams to join the competitive scene. You can now come up with Overwatch predictions for your favorite Asian teams. Let’s take a look at the active teams from Asia that are competing in OWL’s 2019 competitive season.

Hangzhou Spark

The Hangzhou Spark is owned and operated by Bilibili, a Chinese video sharing website company who also owns the Bilibili Gaming of the League of Legends. The team is the third expansion team from China, joining Guangzhou and Chengdu on the list, and one of the few teams in the Overwatch League that signed a South Korean roster. Despite the team’s strong start at the league, they are now behind the reigning champion London Spitfire in the rankings. Stage 2 is still on, so you can still see if Hangzhou Spark can get back on track before you make your Overwatch betting predictions.

Chengdu Hunters

Chengdu Hunters represent Chengdu, China. They compete under the Pacific Division. The team currently holds the 17th position in the league, they failed to make it to the Stage 1 playoffs cut-off. According to analysts, they’re in the lower rankings not only because of their poor performances, but also because of their inability to adapt to the current meta.

Shanghai Dragons

Unlike Hangzhou and Chengdu, Shanghai Dragons is part of the inaugural season. They were notorious for their 0-40 track record, the biggest and longest losing streak in professional esports history. They clearly concluded season 1 with a disappointing record, but it seems like they’re trying their best at season 2. They now have a respectable scoreline entering the second stage. We have yet to see the full potential of the team,so standby and wait for Overwatch predictions from the expert.

Guangzhou Charge
Guangzhou Charge also compete under the Pacific division. The team is owned by businessman Zhong Naixiong. He is also the founder and chairman of Nenking Group. As an expansion team, Charge failed to dominate the upper rankings of the league. It seems like they have a problem with their current roster. See if the team will undergo roster change before stage 3 before coming up with your own Overwatch betting predictions.

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