Grants for Research and Development

For many years, government sources and other private companies have helped finance research and development programs. Independent research into various different illnesses and problems we face as a species have been gloriously backed with millions of dollars of investment. Research and development grant money is becoming more common, too. There are many more independent ways […]

Propulsion Science: The Basics of Marine Engines

Propulsion science is based on the system or mechanism utilized to produce the thrust necessary to move a vessel across water and marine engineering is the area involved with the development of marine propulsion systems. Although sails and paddles in some cases are still employed on a few smaller watercrafts, most modern day ships are […]

Crane Maintenance: Keeping Your Building Machine In Good Shape

Despite being one of the most powerful parts of the industrial construction arsenal, cranes do need maintenance from time to time. However, once you know what to look for and what is useless to you, maintenance becomes a piece of cake. Using a maintenance check-list, you can detail every single thing you need to look […]

Choices, Choices: The Vast Array of Masters Degree Courses

A master degree is an academic qualification that one receives after successfully undertaking study and demonstrating mastery of knowledge in a specific area of academic discipline. This means that the individual possesses advanced knowledge in that specific discipline in terms of theoretical knowledge, application of acquired skills, evaluation and analytic skills related to that discipline. […]