We have all welcomed this New Year a month ago, and it seems that the love month’s end is just an arm’s length away! Time flies, and when it does, it flies so fast. Before we know it, summer is already here. It will still be a few weeks when we can finally say it is officially summer, so before you hit the beach and take a beach-perfect selfie, go and prep your skin and body. As. Early. As. Now.

If You Can’t Flaunt It Yet

Uneven skin tone, cellulites, dark and dry patches—these are just some of the reasons why we cover up more than we should on the beach. Some of our skin’s greatest bullies. Good news, we can eliminate these skin imperfections if we act on them sooner.

Cellulites, the VIPs

Cellulites are like VIPs or very important parasites. You need to attend to them the moment you see them because they will multiply and get worse if you let them by. There are many cellulite creams available on online skin care shops in Singapore. Here’s a friendly tip: Do not just apply it onto the skin. Rub and massage it onto your skin’s surface so the product seeps through better.

Dry Skin, the Thirsty Queen

If you have been to a desert, you might have encountered a dry and weary land, thirsting for water. Dry skin makes our complexion dull and lifeless. One way to rid of it is exfoliation. Next is moisturizing. You can try exfoliating scrubs that you can buy over the counter or just do your own scrub! Browse the Internet and you will find hundreds of home-made scrub recipes online, some of which are so yummy you can eat it!

Acne Breakout, the Wayward Bum

Truth be told, as the majority of consensus would agree, breakouts are like those bums who sit around on the sofa, doing nothing good and useful, and without the intention of going away!

In the same way, breakouts are hard to get rid of, and they don’t just pop out of the facial skin. Some have it on their backs, chest, and neck. According to dermatologists, glycolic is one of the best treatment against breakouts. This chemical dries them out while preventing new ones before they’re born. If haven’t tried it yet, go ahead and consult your derma so she can prescribe you one.

Many men and women in Singapore whose skin care regimen contains this acne-fighting chemical testified that this product helped their acnes heal faster.

Body Hair, the Unwanted Drama Diva

Trimming and waxing all those unwanted hair can sometimes be tiresome. Since it is a biweekly (for those who consider themselves as quite cursed with healthy, growing hair) or a monthly (for those who are blessed) routine, doctors recommend laser treatments. It is a pricey procedure, but it can thin out your hairs and soon, you’ll almost be hairless on the parts you wanted to.

If you are opting for a cheaper alternative, try those waxing kits and depilatory creams from online skincare shops in Singapore. Just be careful not to get your skin burnt!

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