Stop the Hate and Give Love a Chance this Chinese New Year

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The younger generations deserve to live in a world where they can run free without looking over their shoulders in fear, play without a care in the world and reach the fullest of their potentials in school because they are the future leaders of our nations and pillars of society. But the cold truth and hard reality of life is that a lot of selfish, ignorant and bloodthirsty people are blinded by their rage and hatred rooted on discrimination, bigotry and prejudice and that is the reason why there are senseless wars waged around the world. Instead of uniting under one banner of peace, pooling their resources for the greater good of mankind as well as working hand in hand to look for solutions and answers to the problems and questions that they face, people are hellbent and focused on annihilating each other by dropping bombs, shooting guns and unleashing the rabid dogs of war.

And that is why this Chinese New Year, instead of simply paying for the high cost of repatriation for the fallen heroes who laid down their life for the sake of their motherland and countrymen, the top brass of military institutions should look for different ways to end the war once and for all. And they need to do so as soon as possible without wasting another day before everything is too late because at the rate we are going in the arms race, the apocalypse is upon us all and the future generations to come will inherit nothing but a barren, war-torn and desolate wasteland soaked in the blood of innocent victims. After all, when it comes to nuclear wars and its cataclysmic aftermath, it doe not matter who wins the war because when the smoke clears, we are all doomed at the end of it all.

With that said, aside from prioritizing the repatriation of remains of the unsung heroes of this modern world so that they can be buried by their grieving friends and family, world leaders should lay down their arms, call for a truce and ceasefire as well as sit down and talk so that they can push for long-lasting and perpetual peace. First and foremost, they should divert the funding for the arms race towards humanitarian projects that are focused on rebuilding countries that have been devastated by wars. They should give displaced families back their homes so that they can pick up the pieces of their lives because they need to feel that the time for peace have finally come and they do not have to sleep with one eye open anymore fearing that they will never wake up in the morning.

Aside from holding funeral repatriation services to pay their respects to their fallen comrades and rebuilding the homes of refugees who have been scattered all over the world, politicians and those who are in power should also rebuild schools and hospitals because they are badly needed in ravaged countries across the globe. Quality education will give young and innocent children the chance to take control of their life and have a better future and those who have suffered physicalyl, emotionally and psychologically can regain their heart and soul with the help of medical experts and professionals.

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