Using Funds from Research and Development to Make a Long-lasting and Positive Change

There are a lot of people who are oblivious to the fact that the world can be a dark, cruel and unpleasant place because they are sheltered inside their safety bubble and comfort zone therefore they never have to deal with the ugly side of life in these modern times and stare back at the […]

Independent Projects That Need Government Funding

There are a lot of amazing projects and studies out there that help make the world a better place. From those that ensure environmental safety, to those that improve existing technology, to those that genuinely help people through sociological and psychological studies–curious minds have definitely done much good for us. However, these findings do come […]

Grants for Research and Development

For many years, government sources and other private companies have helped finance research and development programs. Independent research into various different illnesses and problems we face as a species have been gloriously backed with millions of dollars of investment. Research and development grant money is becoming more common, too. There are many more independent ways […]