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In Singapore, there’s a prominent demand for all kinds of printing services. Private firms avail of the printing services for promotional materials like flyers, brochures, services list, banners, and tarpaulins. As for private and public institutions, they also print promotional materials as well as a variety of documents. Moreover, there’s also a type of printing service that’s slowly making its way to the mainstream market. It’s called self-publishing and independent authors are mostly taking advantage of the service. If you want to get to know the companies specialising in this type of service, listed below are three of the best in the printing industry:


Rank Books

Rank Books is a Singapore-based publisher and book distributor. A decade has passed since they began providing their customers with online book printing services. Nevertheless, they’ve been printing highly informative and educational books for more than three decades. Dedicated to empowering society through books, their finished products are distributed in more than 40 bookstores in their website, Malaysia, and Singapore. Moreover, their books cater to all age groups with different backgrounds. Their company has given information to corporate professionals, mentors, parents, and students through books. In case you’re interested in self-publishing, Rank Books has the expertise to serve as your professional consultant. From book printing to eBook conversion, they got you covered.


Self-Publishing Singapore

From the company name itself, it’s safe to assume that Self-Publishing Singapore is a provider of solutions to your self-publishing needs. For a different approach to this company, we’ll provide you with a list of their digital printing services in Singapore:

  • Self-publishing
  • Print-on-demand
  • Digital flipping book
  • Book apps
  • ePub conversion – Provides fixed layout and read aloud services
  • International eBook distribution
  • Book cover design – Includes the typesetting and editorial services
  • Offset printing – For books or other types of printed materials

Other than their publishing services, they’re also known for being a great source of publishing advice. They provide independent authors with tips on how to write, publish, and sell their self-published books or eBooks. If you’re new to the business, Self-Publishing Singapore might be able to shed some light for you. Everyone goes through the beginner’s stage and there’s always room for maturity and growth.



Blog2print, similar to online printing companies worldwide, is dedicated to helping bloggers print their online materials and turn them into well-crafted books. In fact, they’ve made over a million books that were once only blog posts online. You can treat this company as your personal digital printer. They customise the printed books in a way that they still have the same appeal as the online blog posts. Thus far, they continue to make book versions of blogs, with the personality and charisma of the blogs still intact. The company is owned by XanEdu, Inc. and it was launched in the late 2000s.

Self-publishing and book printing online are now possible, with the aid of these companies. So far, they’re the best that we’ve encountered and, with this article, we hope you find the right company for your printing needs.












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