Top 5 Hidden Restaurants in Singapore

Each place, no matter where you are in the world, no matter where part of the country your boutique luxury hotel is, has their own list of hidden food gems to dine. In Singapore, there are surely a lot more, but here are 5 restaurants that we feature to be hiding in the shadows but serving up great food which is loved by their cult followers.

The Sushi Bar at Far East Plaza

Who doesn’t love sushi? This place has been known for its packed sushi rolls filled with fresh ingredients like perfectly cooked grilled salmon, avocados, and even soft shell crab. They also serve up some mean salmon belly sashimi which is adored my many for its silky texture and fresh flavors of the sea.

The Black Sheep Café, off of Little India

Nope, The Black Sheep Café doesn’t serve Black Sheep, but a plethora of set meals that can be a mix of healthy, rich, and flavorful dishes for your craving palate. They serve duck, shanks braised in wine, and other finely served food which are made only as soon as you order it. It’s ambiance, despite being a café, is quite homey like the verandas outside the old houses in Singapore. Plus, this café serves a lot of affordable food that are far better compared to some other higher rated restaurants in the city.

Casa Verde at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Located in the surrounding natural sceneries of the Singapore Botanic Gradens, this restaurant usually has a lot of people lining up because of a generally popular cuisine that everyone loves as well: pizza, pasta and salad! It’s aa collaboration between different groups who also manages other popular restaurants in Singapore, so it’s no wonder the food there is good. A lot of families who have been strolling within the Botanical Gardens easily find this place where they get to enjoy eating wonderful pizzas with the finest of toppings.

Seafood Paradise at Panjang Road

If you aim to enjoy the best seafood Singapore has to offer, one good choice would be the Seafood Paradise at Panjang Road. More of their popular dishes are mixed in with different spices that can make you enjoy drinking water for a while. But not to worry, because non-spicy fanatics can also enjoy some dishes without some heat as well.

Social Sin at Victoria Street

Social Sin is a gastrobar, bistro, and all day breakfast rolled into one unique twisted restaurant. You can get unique snacks such as French fried using sweet potatoes. Or pizza with the finest parma ham you can find. Or chocolate ice cream in gigantic and uneven proportions, and mixed in with some more brownies, chocolate chips and marshmallows. This is the place where you get to start and end a great meal altogether.

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