Top 5 SAT Tution Centres in Singapore

Are you a high school student looking to prepare yourself in applying for the big Ivy League schools? One of the requirements to be considered is to sit for your SAT exam. For many high schoolers, they choose to have an added class in the form of SAT tuition Singapore. Singapore has many SAT tuition centers that can help students be at the top of their game as they take their SAT exam.


1. Ivy Prep Singapore

Ivy Prep Singapore is the country’s leading test prep center and admissions consultancy, specializing in SAT prep and U.S. university admissions consulting. The IvyPrep SAT syllabus is designed by Alvin Foo & Sim Ping Khuan, two Singaporean Ivy League graduates with perfect SAT scores. Now in its sixth year, the IvyPrep SAT program has helped hundreds of Singapore-based students gain admission to Ivy League and other top global universities since 2008, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, Duke, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Wesleyan, Swarthmore, NYU, Yale-NUS College, Oxford Law, NUS Law and SMU Law.


2. SitFor

SITFOR is a premier destination for students who desire a high quality SAT prep course. They have a learning environment that is unique, innovative and progressive. They harness cutting edge technology to help students achieve their goals and targets. They have developed a unique strategy that helps students ‘study smart’ and maximize their test score.


3. SATS Zone

SATS Zone offers world-class test prep and admissions consulting services to the most ambitious students all over the world. If you need to prepare for college, they are your one-stop partner. SATS Zone is the SAT arm of Prep Zone, a company founded in 2006, and staffed by graduates of the world’s leading universities. Prep Zone soon became Singapore’s largest and most acclaimed test prep company, before expanding globally in Dubai, Shanghai and Mumbai.

4. Studyworks

Studyworks was an early pioneer of test preparation. Studyworks has been teaching students for over 30 years (since 1975). In Singapore, they have been teaching since 2000 and thousands of students have benefited from our techniques and strategies for the standardized tests.


5. Quintessential Education

At QEducation, principal tutors are proven individuals from top schools (Raffles Junior College/Hwa Chong Instituition/Oxford/Yale/LSE). With years of lecturing experience at top JCs and working expertise at corporations like Monetary Authority of Singapore and Wall Street Journal, they possess a wealth of combined knowledge of and beyond the A-level syllabus.

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