Top Restaurants to Go to In Singapore

Oh my…are we all ever in for a treat. The top restaurants in Singapore will bring our Singapore food blog to life and guests back to the table again and again. Singapore is blessed with exquisite chefs and dishes guaranteed to melt in your mouth and leave you dreaming of more.

Whether you are in the mood for dishes of pork, delectable desserts, savory soups or Emperor’s favorite dishes, you will never be disappointed as you wander the savory shops of Singapore. When visiting the Singapore food blog you are certain to hear about and see beautiful pictures of the wonderful variety of the region.

You might be familiar with the names of some of the top restaurants in Singapore, but you’ll never truly know the dishes until you’ve tried them at least once. Now let’s take a short stroll through the dining halls of Singapore’s greatest chefs.

  • LE Restaurant
  • Tamashii Robataya
  • Ezoca
  • Summer Palace
  • The Lighthouse Restaurant
  • Peony Jade


The six restaurants listed above are but a delectable sampling of the wonders your taste buds can experience throughout Singapore when you are visiting, on business or just out for a pleasant evening. From the fine marina dining of Ezoca to the dynastic creations of Summer Palace not only your tastes will be intrigued but your mind and heart as well.

The fine Chinese dining experience of LE Restaurant with an ambiance conducive to business or romance will tickle your seafood lover’s taste buds and help you achieve experiences you never dreamed could be achieved in a dining experience. The tableside artistry only adds to the experience.

Tamishii Robataya is a fairly new establishment but the chef has been creating for many years. You may recognize the unique tastes of Chef Patrick’s Japanese barbecue. The customer experience is further enhanced by having your food cooked directly in front of you. It’s an experience of taste as well as food artistry. You just can’t miss this little hidden wonder down North Canal Road.

Here on our Singapore food blog we’ll wrap it up with two unique as well as top of the line restaurants. Whether you already love crab or you want to experience simply the best, you must visit Peony Jade for the creative food wonders and experiences of a lifetime. The sweet meat will delight even the most critical of crab followers.

To top it all off, literally, is the Lighthouse Restaurant where you can enjoy not only some of the most delicious cocktails and tapas, but scenery of the most amazing and beautiful skyline befitting only of the city of Singapore.


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