Have You Tried a Bubble Bump Game?

Rejoice to all the soccer fans out there as we get to say that this game has found a new twist.

bubble bump invasion

We know that soccer is one of the most popular games in the world. It is so popular that any competition draws fans all over! It is fun and exciting that some universities started to teach it. Moreover, kids who would want a career in it would join in summer school just to learn how to play it. Though most people would think that soccer is a professional thing, that does not mean that only the legit players can enjoy it.

If you would really like to consider, anybody can play soccer. If you have a vacant lot, then that would already do. Actually, if you just go around the country, you would even find out that soccer has already evolved into a more challenging yet funny way.


Party Fun

We know that most of us are currently holding reunions to celebrate the coming of the Chinese New Year and as tradition, these parties ought to have fun games in it. So, what does it have to do with soccer?

Here is the fun part. Do you have a huge yard—or maybe not really huge but just enough for kids to run around in? Then that could be a good start!

If in case you haven’t noticed yet, there is currently a bubble bump invasion in Singapore. What is it? Well, you can picture it this way: you are playing soccer but instead of just running around by yourself, you run around inside a balloon.

The balloons we are referring to here is not the usual balloon-on-a-yarn. These are colourful bubble wraps that players wear when playing it.

If you are able to imagine the scene, then that is what you can call a bubble soccer game. You kick around the ball until you reach the goal while wearing bubble wraps.

Moroever, if you still want to be more creative about it, since these wraps are bouncy, you can ditch the ball altogether then play bubble bump game instead. So, what players basically do is they wear the wraps, bump into each other—knock each other down actually—roll over the ground then do it all over again.

Can you imagine just how fun and exciting this could get? In fact, this game is considered safe that even kids can join in playing it. Also, you can buy bubble wraps in different colours so that can even make up  for your team’s representation, too.


Should We Try It?

Now, if you think this can really be a happy way for your family to bond, then what else are you waiting for? You need to buy the bubble wraps online now. If you are not a sporty type of person, we can even bet that you would find this a really fun outdoor activity.

Moreover, if you consider it, summer is almost around so, this could really make for a real enjoyable summer experience as this not only for adults but for kids, too.

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