Apple Repair Services vs Third-Party Repair Stores in Singapore

The iPhone is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative products of its generation. Designed with a completely unique interface at the time, it became the key breakthrough for Apple into the mobile range. Today, Apple stand as one of the most powerful hardware providers on the planet.

However, like any other product – no matter how good – iPhones can break. Thankfully, they are so popular that the choices for iPhone repair in Singapore are wide and varied. Of course, you could turn to Apple themselves for a repair service. However, there are many benefits to using a third-party iPhone repair service.


Going to the Apple Store can lead to you having to send your phone away, if they cannot repair it in-store. By having to wait for it to be sent, looked into, and repaired, you could be looking at weeks of waiting.

However, when using a third-party iPhone repair store, you can get your phone returned much quicker. They do not deal with such high volumes of orders, and they are in your area so you only need to travel to the store to pick it up once it’s fixed.


Apple stores are notorious for offering expensive and unnecessary “upgrades”. These upgrades are usually required to improve your phone, or to fix the problems you are having. If you have had a physical smash to the phone, then you are going to fit the bill eye-watering.

Taking it to an independent iPhone repair store in Singapore is much better, financially. You can cut the price of the repair down by a considerable amount, and you won’t be asked a series of sales questions along the way!

It’s Just As Safe

Sadly, many people are distrustful of third-party stores. Especially with a product like an iPhone, which can cost hundreds of dollars, there can be a sense of unease at leaving the phone with a third-party store. The thinking is that, when it is with Apple, it is 100% safe.

Well, if somebody runs an iPhone repair store in Singapore, they are not only going to be a licensed business, but they are going to be there every day. Why would they stake their reputation and their hard earned money on a scam? These third-party repair stores are every bit as reliable as an official Apple store.

If you are looking for iPhone repair in Singapore, then you do not have to turn to the expensive Apple stores for the fix. Instead, consider the safe and reliable, and much cheaper, third-party stores who can provide all of the same fixes.

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