The Various Values of Corporate Gifts

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Gift-giving is changing the entire corporate culture and hardly anyone seems to notice.

For one, gift-giving is changing not just the way companies engage with their public but is actually changing public relation investment and operations. This simply means companies today are putting in substantial resources and attention to gift-giving often considering it as a regular office function which was not as significant in recent years. Understandably, companies are slowly beginning to understand that the investment and attention given to gift-giving also goes into a form of marketing tool as for improving not just their relationships with employees, partners, clients and consumers but also of improving over-all public image and desirability.

Functionality of Corporate-gifts

Just like any other gift, corporate gifts are items of value given to a person as gesture of appreciation, sympathy, respect, recognition, and goodwill. For companies, corporate business gifts are usually expressions of appreciation for loyalty and patronage. But unlike normal gifts, corporate gifts are more functional than sentimental items.

As such, the recipe for good corporate good corporate gifts is simple enough: they need to be useful. Unsurprisingly, in Singapore, common corporate gifts are usually those that can be and are regularly and routinely used by those who receive them. Pens, coffee mugs, paperweight, notepads, planner, USB, mouse and other techno-gadgets are indeed common everyday office necessities.

And then there are shirts, sweaters, jackets, umbrellas, caps and other apparels that are useful for most any casual event and everyday affairs. Family items such as hampers, fruit baskets and even home appliances like wall clock and throw pillows have also become premium corporate gift items in Singapore since they communicate family values which appeals to universally ethic.

The Symbolic and Sentimental Element

Since gift-giving has become such a commonplace practice among many Singapore offices, and many to the common gifts have become stale, newer and more novel ideas have emerged to make corporate gifts more special.

In terms of price, corporate gifts need not be too expensive since giving corporate gifts year round can be pretty expensive for any company. However, it is also not advisable to go too cheap since cheap items usually means they are poor quality gifts and may not reflect well on the company’s standards.  Mid-priced items are therefore the ideal way to go. After all, there are enough average brands in Singapore that are not cheap but has reasonably good quality and durability offer value-for-money options.

And then too there are creative solutions to make gifts more special. Items such as calendars, table planners, personal organizers, shirts, coffee mugs, jackets, caps, pens, notepads, bags, USB, earphones, umbrella can now be readily personalized to provide an individualized touch which many employees and partners will surely appreciate. For family items, customized corporate gifts like home decors can provide the same personalized effect. Premium corporate gifts items such as fruit baskets can be vastly improved by putting in a personal note or card expressing well wishes for the individual employee, partner or client and for his or her entire family.

Lastly, good packaging can make any gift more special. Who does not appreciate gifts in pleasingly wrapped novel gift boxes compared to clumsy or lazy packages?

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