What To Consider In Buying A Mobile Phone

So you’re ready to buy a new mobile phone? Congratulations! With the sheer number of options available in the market today, you can be sure that you will find one that will fit your needs and even wants. While this may be exciting, for some it can get a little overwhelming. Too often people have ended up getting a model that is way over their budget or something they’re not happy with because they buy their gadget based on what’s trendy rather than what fulfills their needs.

This can be avoided by doing sufficient research on the types of phones you want and the specific features you want in a phone. If you judge your possible new mobile based on these parameters, you will make a much better judgment on what to buy–after all, a good phone should last you about two years.

1) Storage and Memory. This should be foremost on your list. You will be using your phone every day, filling it with a lot of contacts, photos, messages and data. A phone with high RAM and memory is always advisable. Most models have internal storages of 8GB or 16GB. Models like the iPhone have 64GB versions, for the ultimate data-heavy user. Meanwhile, other phones have expandable memories–you can buy memory cards to use and keep replacing these cards or back up data when you have filled them up. RAM of at least 2GB is also recommended to avoid the dreaded phone lag.

2) Camera. Naturally you will be taking a lot of photos with your new phone. Whether it’s of yourself (hello, selfie) or of others, be sure that the camera functionality is one you can live with. For example, don’t be intimidated by that 23-megapixel camera; perhaps a 14-megapixel or 10-megapixel will do as long as it has a good optical or digital zoom feature. Some phones with extremely clear cameras are the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

3) Look and Feel. There are many low-priced phones available in the market. The reason they are lower-priced is because their parts are made with lower quality materials. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, think of your usage. Are you careful with your belongings or tend to be a little but clumsy? While a rubber phone protector can solve this problem, it still might be a good idea to go for the model made of metal/aluminum.

Generally, you will find a lot of choice in Samsung phones in Singapore. Singapore mobile shops carry the entire range of Samsung’s phones–from the very popular Galaxy range to the lesser-known Omnia models. Definitely, you will find a good buy with Samsung Phones. Singapore review sites have consistently found them to hit the mark when it comes to value for money.

With these factors to consider, you can go ahead and make that purchase!

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