What to Take Note when It Comes to Natural Hair Treatment?

Having healthy looking hair is the secret to looking beautiful. Chemical hair treatment offered by hair salons do more harm than good to your hair. Instead, it is recommended that you opt for herbal hair treatment products, which are 100% made from natural ingredients. These herbal hair care treatment products are affordable and readily available off the shelves. You may simply purchase them and carry out your own natural hair treatment regime at home. This saves you the trouble of visiting the salon to get your hair treated. Here are some tips on how you can achieve healthy great looking hair without having to visit the salon:

  • Do avoid combing your hair when it is still wet, as your hair would break easily. Only start to comb you hair after it has dried, and use a comb to help you untangle any knots in your hair.
  • To avoid hair from breaking, apply shampoo on your hair only when it is wet. Avoid applying too much shampoo on your hair, and wash it off within 30s after application.
  • You may suffer from dandruff and damaged hair as a result of not washing off shampoo from your hair properly. Take extra effort to rinse your scalp of your hair a few seconds longer to ensure that all the shampoo has been rinsed off your scalp thoroughly. By running water through your scalp, you are also securing nutrients into the roots of your hair.
  • Stop your hair from standing as a result of static by using a damp brush to comb your locks.
  • Beer is the solution to oily hair. Try dropping a few tablespoons of flat beer into a cup of hot water, and rinse your hair with the mixture after shampooing. Beer helps to remove any oil and dirt which could not be washed off by your shampoo.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet is the secret to healthy and shiny looking hair. Try avoiding food high in fats and cholesterol. You will realize that the condition of your hair will gradually improve in time if you maintain a healthy diet.
  • Only shampoo your hair 2 days after you colour your hair. This would give time for the colour to set into your hair, and prevent dye from seeping into the cuticle of your head, damaging the roots of your hair.

We hope these tips would help you in achieving a healthy lock of hair which you desire.

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