Where to Experience A Family Adventure in Asia


Looking for family holiday packages on the internet is easy. Most families pick these kinds of holiday promotions because it’s easier for them to plan the whole trip. It is also a guarantee that every member of their family would enjoy the trip. The problem is, where?

Countries in Asia have a lot to offer when it comes to family packaged holiday trips. Here are some countries you can pick from:


Ranked 9th for tourist arrivals in the world and 1st in South East Asia, Malaysia has been a good place a fun family adventure. From the very modern landscapes of Kuala Lumpur, to the beaches and turtles of Kuala Terengganu all the way to the amazing world of Legoland, Malaysia is one of the perfect places where anyone in your family can enjoy and have an amazing experience.

Hong Kong

For some members of your family, walking all day can be a deal breaker for travelling but in Hong Kong, walking and commuting all day will be one of best decisions for a vacation. From its parks and museums, to shopping in malls or at street wide markets (you can literally find anything in Hong Kong), you will surely love everything about this busy city. Not to mention a whole day at Hong Kong Disneyland is enough for a family adventure. Another good thing in Hongkong is that all these tourist places can be experienced in different offers of family package holidays. All in one paid trip so parents will not stress out in choosing which Hongkong destination they should be visiting.


From its delicious cuisine to its cheap gadgets, while keeping a rich and strong heritage. Japan is a place where everything looks like you’re in a futuristic movie. Tokyo and Osaka offers a fun and vibrant take of modern lifestyle while Kyoto offers the pleasant and peaceful look of Japan’s culture and heritage.


If you’re family is into nature and adventure parks, Singapore has a lot of them. From environmental friendly parks to a whole island just for tourists, Singapore offers a variety of parks and entertainment places fit for all members of the family. Kids will enjoy Singapore because of places like the Universal’s Studios, the Luge at Sentosa, Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Zoo. Moms will have a great time shopping branded things for cheap prices in places like Vivo city, Orchard Road and Marina Bay while Dads can splurge in Casinos in both Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa.

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