Why Body Spa Is a Must for Every Woman

Why do women take time and pains to preserve their beauty and wellness? There sure can be a number of reasons. And it’s no wonder that women are willing to get away and spend some good amount of money to frequent body spa in countries like Singapore.

Zaneida, 27, a call center supervisor in Singapore, shared why she loves going to the best spa in the country, “My work is irregular in terms of hours. Sometimes, I need to supervise team in the morning; sometimes, I have to take over the night shift. And it is taking toll in my skin and body. When I go to spas, I usually have a whole body Swedish massage, a recommended facial, and manicure and pedicure if I still have the time. I do this to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, at the same time to stay youthful and well groomed. Women need to preserve their beauty because beauty can inspire others. We want to look our best and perform task confidently wherever we are. If you think about it, you are doing it for yourself and others too.”

Austen, 34, a college professor, also spends for facials, massage, and other things that a women should do in the best spa in Singapore, “For improved blood circulation, for the body to re-generate, and to get rid of toxins are just some of the reasons why I spend to go to spas. In my age, it feels pressuring to preserve everything. Daunting work in school is no joke so I pamper myself as much as I could so I won’t feel too drained and tired every single week. There is no fountain of youth, but modern women sure know how to take care of themselves.”

Jennifer, a band singer also from Singapore, shared how beauty and wellness is a top priority, “I am single and in my 20s. I need to look pretty and feel good all the time to be able to express myself right and confidently. So, yes, I am not ashamed to say that I am a regular visitor of spas in Singapore. This is just not about fishing for compliments. In fact, I rarely post anything on my social media accounts. Preserving beauty and wellness is about making sure the woman in you is never lost regardless of your status and situation in life. I learned that from my older friends who always tell me to love myself first before I can give love. I do this with exercise and a balanced diet of course. Staying beautiful and pleasing is a lot of work, but it is always worth it.”

A sure way to veer away from negativity, according to Daisy, a zumba instructor, is to engage in exercise and go to spas regularly, “I love that my life is about making women feel beautiful and empowered. When they dance in my classes, I can see how much they want to stay fit and healthy. I also advise them to spend on good pampering at spas nearby. Get that diamond peel you need. Indulge in an hour long massage. Make sure those nails are clean and painted. Dress up well. Invest in good skincare products. Nothing is more powerful than a woman who embraces her own unique beauty and allows herself to preserve that beauty.”

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