Easy Ways to Make Your Butter Cookie a Lot More Fun

Don’t you just love butter cookies? They’re yummy, they’re healthy, and making them is so easy. And just when you think it can’t get any better, yes, you guessed it. You can actually make your butter cookie better. How? Check out these simple but fun butter cookie options. (If you don’t know how to make […]

Fight the Frizz: Best Anti-frizz Hair Treatments in Singapore

Frizz!!! This is any woman’s nightmare. The best ways to avoid unruly frizz hair day is knowing how to prevent this before it even starts. A humid day is a bad hair day (hmm… Humid?!? Singapore?!?…) If you want to have smooth, silky, glossy frizz hair? Here are some tips and best hair treatments in […]

What Not to Do and The Best Ways To Market a Construction Business

With the use of modern technology, we can easily disseminate information about our company with just a click of the button. Internet will always be a very important tool that can help any types of business to flourish. With the birth of online marketing, business owners have indeed considered harnessing its power to their advantage. […]

Why Singapore Locals Love the Gardes by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is Singapore’s botanical pride. It was created with the aim of embodying Singapore’s aim of being Asia’s ‘Garden City’. What’s more interesting is that it is designed to be environmentally sustainable. The design is concentrated on energy and water recycling throughout the Bay South Garden. Cutting-edge engineering design and technologies were […]