7 Easy Interior Design Tips

These days, a house is not enough–it has to be a home. Adding personal touches to a living space is essential. Before, families were more concerned with the practical rather than the frivolous. Now, form and function can marry into a great project that fits the personality of the resident. Singaporeans are slowly realizing the […]

Is It Safe To Undergo An Acne Laser Treatment?

When we were younger, we heard a lot of old wives’ tales regarding acne management and removal. Besides the usual cleanse, tone and moisturize, our parents and grandparents recommended so many things: lemon juice to lighten scars, aloe vera to heal the skin, Vitamin E to encourage healthy glow and the like. However, as much […]

Loan Sharks VS Licensed Money Lender

Investigations by law enforcers have revealed that young professionals are the frequent victims of illegal money lenders. To educate the public, below are comparisons of loan sharks and licensed money lenders which can help the working public in gauging the integrity of their lending agents. Non-availability of loan contract. At the start of transactions, borrowers […]