What Parents Need to Look for in a Singapore International School

Singapore International Schools are known for their welcoming atmosphere most especially to expatriate children who are only beginning to settle in the city. As Singapore continues to thrive as a nation, an increasing number of expatriate families have decided to stay and make a living here. The schools do prioritise expatriate children who are in […]

3 Important Things To Have a Perfect Wedding this 2016

Planning for the wedding is not an easy task. Some couples need years to get ready for it. With a long list of to-dos, couples tend to overlooked for other things which is also essential. Every person wants their big day to be perfect, and forgetting some elements might ruin it. To help you out, […]

Temperature Controlled Storage Units: How It Works?

Cheap and reliable storage space is increasingly hard to come by nowadays. Plus, add the fact that storage space for rent in Singapore is one of the most expensive in the world. This might seem like very little incentive to actually rent a space but there are also a lot of benefits when renting from […]