3 Romantic Beach Vacation Activities

Picking a romantic destination for a private vacation is easy. Figuring out what to do after you rent villa in Bali and book the plane tickets is something else entirely. Here are some ideas that can be used anywhere, from luxury Bali accommodation to any other shoreline in the world.

#1: Couples massage by the beach.

There is so much to say for lying beside someone you love on the beach, listening to the ocean, and getting a professional massage together. You can lie in silence and allow your eyes to meet as you are completely relaxed and in a moment of extreme pleasure, or you can make it an active massage and take turns learning how to massage one another.

Learning to massage one another is not only romantic, but it teaches you something that can be used in private later on. When you return to your Bali luxury accommodation you will have a new way of putting your loved one at ease and pampering them as you play the masseuse.

#2: Building sandcastles together.

Walks on the beach are so common now that they are cliché. You will likely end up doing that if you go near a beach on a romantic vacation, but why not spend some time remembering your childhood together? Building a sandcastle requires teamwork and allows a couple to relax and have fun together. There is nothing like getting dirty and then dipping in the ocean to clean one another off.

#3: Have a mini picnic by the pool as the sun sets in the evening.

Picnicking on the beach can be fun, but there is potential for sand in your food and other mishaps. A simpler and more exciting spin is to have wine with chocolate dipped strawberries or another light snack by the pool in your private quarters. You have the water nearby, the beautiful views stretching out in front of you, and the sun setting out on the horizon. You are also close to your room in privacy so you can spend time talking and allow romance to take its natural course.

This may not be possible in all situations, but if you rent villa in Bali you can rent a villa with a private pool. This highlights the advantage of paying for Bali luxury accommodation rather than staying in cheaper accommodations. You will have more privacy, and that privacy leads to more romance that won’t cost you a lot financially.

Some of the most romantic vacation moments occur in privacy. They occur within your own villa or hotel room. They occur on secluded beaches when no one else is around. They happen in private pools and Jacuzzis. When you stay at nicer accommodations, you end up spending less on entertainment and amenities while enjoying greater romance.

You don’t have to do all five of these activities on one short vacation. Use this list as a start to your own brainstorm on romantic activities. Think of the personality and interests of your loved one and the things you enjoy doing together. Putting a personal spin on those things could lead to the best romantic vacation ideas ever!


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