4 Medical Tourism Destinations for 2015

Medical tourism is a growing industry. For those who do not know what it is, medical tourism or health tourism is a travel where people go to another country for the purposes of getting medical treatment. Recent developments in aviation and medicine has caused a boom of this type of industry. More people travel to foreign lands to seek medical treatments. At the same time, they use the opportunity to have a vacation away from home and work. This travel will be like killing two birds with one stone. You will get to have your body checked and you will get to travel. Who would not want that? So for those thinking of availing a medical tourism tour, here are the top medical tourism destinations for 2014.


In 2013, between 200,000 to 1.1 million patients went to Mexico for medical treatments, according to Patients Beyond Borders. Mexico benefits in having the US as its next door neighbor. More than 50,000 American travel to Mexico for dental treatments. Many undocumented Hispanics also cross borders purely for medical checkups.


More than 250,000 foreigners go to India for medical treatments, according to Patients Beyond Borders. Though the country is becoming more cosmopolitan, clinic and hospital services are offered to international patients in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Knowledge in the English language has allowed India to be a medical tourism destination of choice in the Western countries. However, India also gets a share of international patients from neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan and central Asia.


According to Patients Beyond Borders, up to 1.2 million international patients went to Thailand for medical purposes in 2013. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is known worldwide as one of the best places for medical tourists. Even the country as a whole is known for its meticulous cosmetic surgery treatments, including gender reassignment. Treatments are relatively cheaper, around 50% to 70% in Thailand than in Western countries.


Singapore is known for high-quality health care like Thermage Skin Tightening Treatment. Even its government is promoting the city-state as a regional powerhouse when it comes to medical tourism. Various surgeries such as general surgery, oncology, cardiology, organ transplants are areas of expertise. Popular clinics such as Cosmopolitan Clinic provide international patients with affordable and high-quality medical services. According to Patients Beyond Borders, between 400,000 to 610,000 international patients traveled to Singapore for medical purposes in 2013. A large chuck of its foreign patients come from neighboring country Indonesia.

These are just some of the top tourism destinations for 2014. If you want to avail a medical tourism package, be sure to find pick the package you are most comfortable with.

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