6 Important Things to Remember in Planning your Airport Transfer in Singapore?

Excited to experience your favourite Hollywood movies in action or how about the Merlion Statue or maybe do you want to go wet and wild on the largest oceanarium in the world? Or on the other hand, just want to do some business around? Well, whether you want for a vacation trip or a business trip, this country can cater it all.

To have the best of Singapore experience, you’re travel must be convenient, enjoyable and relaxing. Airport transfer provides all of the leisure necessities that you needed. It is a kind of service provided by a travel company or a hotel, that lets the customer to reach their desired destination upon reaching the airport or vice versa. Although there are many agencies that offers this kind of service, it is still well-situated if you had properly planned all the details for your trip so you can save time, energy, and cash. Here are some ways on how to plan for airport transfer.

1. Know Your Number.

Airport transfer overs different vehicles according to what their client needs. In order to provide right vehicle and the right package deal, you must know how many you are on the group. Some companies varies their services based on maximum number of people. If you are too many, maybe a minibus is suited for all of you.

2. Check Your Budget.

Before deciding on anything, first consult your budget. Determine what service will you avail based on your allocated budget. Also, if you are booked on a hotel, try to check if they offer transfer services so that it will be much easier on your part.

3. Determine your destination.

Your itinerary must be well-polished. You must have a definite destination after arriving on the airport. So that you are not clue less on where you will be heading to.

4. Determine the Mode of Airport Transfer

There are different ways of airport transfer Singapore. There are public and private type. The most common and convenient way is taxi. It is available on all of the three terminals of Changi Airport. The fare is approximately between $20 to $50 but may vary depending on the day, time, and road conditions. However, if you want to save money and arrives fast, then you can use the train, MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). With only less than S$2 you can travel. But it is not the convenient mode of transfer due to it has no luggage area and cannot deliver you to your destination right away. In addition, bus are also available.

But if you want a more comfortable and efficient way of transfer, then you can afford private airport transfer service. From your arrival at the airport up to the preferred hotel, you are guaranteed that you arrived safe and sound. In addition to, there is enough area for your luggage and the staff are accommodating on whatever service you will need. It is also recommended if you are travelling on a large group and for those who are not well familiar with the country.

5. Decide on what Transfer You Will Acquire.

If you choose a private airport transfer, then it is better if you had already done an advance booking. In making a reservation, make sure to include important details such as arrival flight number, arrival time and date, destination hotel, and hotel address. Also, be aware of their extra charges such as waiting time charges, location area charges, extra en-route-drop-off point, and for midnight trips.

It is also important to conduct some comparison on different tour operators. There are some companies that offers services on discounts and cheaper that the others. But you must also take not of the quality of their offered services.

Remember that in planning, you must take in consideration of all the details no matter how small it is so that everything will run smoothly according to the way that you wanted to be.

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