7 Reasons Why Jakarta Should Be On Your List

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Jakarta is the very dynamic and exotic capital of Indonesia. It is often overlooked by travellers going to the more tourist friendly Bali but a trip to the capital of Indonesia is certainly one you wouldn’t want to miss. In this article, we list down the reasons why Jakarta deserves to be in your travel list.

  1. Location.  Although Jakarta has a reputation of having one of the worst traffic situations in the world, it is perfectly located as most mass transportation systems in Indonesia go through here. If you are headed to the many picturesque islands of Indonesia, it is always best to have a pit stop in the capital first. Jakarta airport hotels will allow you to rest and avoid traffic if you are headed to the airport.
  2. History.  Jakarta is a city rich with history. Established in the 14th century, it is the melting pot of different cultures and communities. If you enjoy history, a trip to Jakarta is not to be missed. Not only will you be able to explore Indonesia’s history in its many museums, but you will also see it in its architecture.  The best hotels in Jakarta will arrange shuttle services to get to Jakarta’s many museums and cultural destinations at your convenience.
  3. Food.  If you are a foodie, Indonesian food is definitely a cuisine you should try out. The great thing about Indonesian food is that it can be found everywhere in Jakarta. Not only in shopping malls but also in very affordable hawker markets. Where better to taste the very diverse Indonesian cuisine than in its capital. This makes Jakarta a must visit destination for foodie travellers.
  4. Nightlife.  Jakarta has a very energetic nightlife. With a population of over nine million residents, you will definitely find one that pleases you. From bars to nightclubs, there is something for everyone in Jakarta.
  5. Economic Capital.  Jakarta is the economic capital of Indonesia. If you want to do business in Indonesia or you simply just want to visit Indonesia’s busiest business district, then Jakarta should definitely be on your travel list. Jakarta’s modern and unique skyscrapers will make your trip worthwhile.
  6. Religious Sites.  Jakarta is home to a lot of different religious sites in the country. If you are a fan of religious architecture, there are a couple of sites you should definitely check out in Jakarta. From mosques to churches and temples, there are a lot to see in country.
  7. Culture.  Indonesian culture is one of the most diverse in the Southeast Asian region. With so many different ethnic backgrounds, all of these can be seen in the capital. At the same time, Jakarta is also home to a lot of expats which makes it very tourist friendly.

If you are exploring a new culture or if you are looking for a modern adventure, Jakarta should definitely be on your travel list. With so many different elements converging in the capital, you will certainly not regret it.



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